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  1. Hey. I’m using 2 monitors and I’m trying to change the color temperature normally but every time I do it just changes for a less than a second and then goes back to normal. I selected the 2 monitors in the Manage monitors sections but still doesn’t seems to work. The only way I get it to work is by using the Advanced Color Section and turning Color graph to ON.

  2. Yea but it was the only way to get the color. Using the Color temperature setting was only making the monitors flash the color for a second and then turn to normal.

  3. I’m having the same issue. Basically, any adjustment I try to make to color temperature or brightness flashes for less than a second and then reverts back to what it originally was (i.e., nothing but my regular screen default). (Unlike Peter, even trying to use the color graph doesn’t help, but having it turned off also doesn’t help.)

    1. I was running f.lux, yes, but because I thought that might be the problem, I’d tried exiting out of f.lux (my screen went back to its regular color), and then starting Iris, and I still had the same issue. Moreover, the first time I’d tried Iris (yesterday), I didn’t have this issue, even though f.lux was running when I first opened Iris. The problem started today. I’m running Iris v.0.7.1. My OS is Windows 10 Pro, v. 1511, OS Build 10586.0. My Monitor is a Dell ST2420L (Analog).

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