Glossy or Matte Display

and Why glare is bad



4 thoughts on “Glossy or Matte Display and Why glare is bad

  1. I have an iPhone 7. Which Iris can I use? Dr Mercola’s article mentioned you have a $2.00 option,that sound great. What font am I seeing now as I type this email to you. ??? I like it and can read it much easier. I have ADHD and a easily readable font for me makes a huge difference in my a ability to get necessary paperwork and correspondence done.
    I’m starting a new business.
    So: for a website Arial could be good for content, I am using a font called Pines for the headers.

    For a website Grammond 12-14pt for content (Pines for headers) ?
    Thank you so very much!!! Colleen

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