Who am I and a little about the creation of Iris



My name is Daniel. I’m 20 years old programmer from the small country of Bulgaria and I’m the creator of Iris.

I was born at 1995 in Sofia, Bulgaria (This is in Europe) and spend the first 17 years of my life trying to become Olympic athlete. As you can guess I failed at this, but whatever I have many good memories and awards. I even managed to participate in World Championship which considering my non-athletic body am really proud of.

After this I started working as a programmer and the monitors at my work was kind of bad. After 1 year I put glasses for the first time in my life and I knew it was time for change.

After many eye drops and failed experiments I started working on the first versions of Iris and this is how the story of Iris begins. Left my job, dropout school, you know the standart things crazy people with dreams do.


The guy with the red border. This is me with friends.

Basically I am the person behind Iris.

If you have any problems or feedback about Iris you can contact me at:
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +359879031353

This is the phone with which I talk to my friends and family, so please don’t spam me.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1506836949
LinkedIn: https://bg.linkedin.com/in/daniel-georgiev-2194ab7a

Thank you for using Iris,
Daniel <3

11 thoughts on “Hi Who am I and a little about the creation of Iris

  1. Hi Daniel, I just read an article that Dr. Joseph Mercola wrote about artificial light and how bad it is for our eyesight and melatonin levels. In the article he spoke of your IRIS technology of which I am very interested, since I use the internet quite a bit for research and real news.

  2. Hi Daniel, I also read Dr. Mercola’s article and now started using Iris Mini! Thank you for this great sollution, hope you will get many new clients!

  3. I also read Dr. Mercola’s article recently and I just now came to your website to check out ‘Iris.’ Once I’ve finished, I’m sure that I’ll be purchasing your software since I have tried to support those who write helpful programs – large and small – since way back in the DOS days of computing. ;o)
    This sounds like it should be an eye-saver. Because I am on my computer for many hours every day and night, it should help me immensely. Thank you for writing such a great program.

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