Iris mini 0.1.3 for Windows + Installer


Download “Iris-mini-0.1.3-Windows” iris-mini-0.1.3.exe

This version is important for the people who use Iris mini Pro.
Several people told me about problems after updating Windows 10 with activation.
I searched the problem a lot and rewrited almost all of the licensing logic.
By updating to this version your Iris mini Pro problems should be fixed.

The problem was only with Win 10 I think, but still this is the fix. Everything should happen automatically now. If you expirience any problems please write to me since I can never test everything on all machines.

Thank you for using Iris.

There is also version with Installer

Daniel 🙂

2 thoughts on “Iris mini 0.1.3 for Windows + Installer

  1. Awesome! Many thanks for iris mini pro. Just what I needed, and so lightweight. I like your attention to detail Daniel! Keep up the good work 🙂

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