Iris mini 0.1.4 for Windows + Installer


Download “Iris-mini-0.1.4-Windows” iris-mini-0.1.4.exe

In this version there are some cool new things. For example the new hidden features

For more info here

There is also version with Installer


12 thoughts on “Iris mini 0.1.4 for Windows + Installer

  1. Norton security software does not allow this version to be installed. It deletes it automatically. I have the free version which only lasts 4 hrs per day. I paid $2 for the mini pro version via paypal but can’t gt it installed because Norton views it as a threat. How can I get the version I now have to work all day? Thanks

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for reporting this. I will write to Norton.
      Can you try with some older version? Your activation code will work fine with the old ones until they remove Iris as a treat.

      I will also write you e-mail with Iris lite activation code so you can use Iris if the older versions are also deleted.

  2. Ok thanks Daniel for quick response- your software is super by the way. Saved me from buying a new monitor. My 20 inch monitor with built in computer had no brightness control – can you believe it? Thanks again!

  3. Nem engedi valami letölteni, csak van és kész !
    Ha meg akarom nyitni, rögvest eltűnik ?
    Akárhol van rá kattintok, eltűnik, vajon hová tűnik el ?

    Tisztelettel: Judi

  4. Здравей Дани,

    За теб и за твоята апликация разбрах от статията, която прочетох в дневник. А ето и самия линк:

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    Успех за напред! 🙂

    Антон Иванов

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