Iris mini 0.1.7 for Windows + Installer


Download “Iris-mini-0.1.7-Windows” iris-mini-0.1.7.exe

For version with installer/uninstaller Click here

I have really good news. From this version Iris mini will also work on Windows XP



2 thoughts on “Iris mini 0.1.7 for Windows + Installer

  1. Hi Daniel:
    – I installed Isis Mini with Installer for Windows (7 in my case).
    – Maybe after a a faulty shut-down, I could no longer go back to normal view. I have work in a dark room to read the screen.
    – I tried deinstalling the software to no avail.
    – After reading that I should exit the program and only then uninstall, I installed the program again, I exited the program, and finally reinstalled the program.
    – Using regedit, I deleted the two items that you mention.
    – Behavior: The computer start normally, I input the password, the desktop appears, all with the normal view. Just after that, the screen turns reddish.
    Could you help me?
    – After solving the problem, should I try with the portable version, or might I have the same problem?
    Many thanks,

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