Iris mini 0.2.1 for Mac OSX


Download “Iris-mini-0.2.1-OSX” iris-mini-0.2.1-OSX.dmg

In this version of Iris mini there is color inversion and Zero blue light

Many bug fixes and many improvements 🙂

14563368_1314974335192969_2107178778099399138_n 14563437_1314974328526303_5212399870930870822_n 14610976_1314974378526298_3707243850723693021_n

With love,
Daniel 🙂

2 thoughts on “Iris mini 0.2.1 for Mac OSX

  1. Apple says your app hasn’t been vetted for malware or security lapses. Why not? People who want safe monitor views for eye safety aren’t really any more cavalier about their computer safety. Or are they?

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