Iris mini

Here is the place to say something good about Iris mini

Thank you for liking my work, I really appreciate this 🙂

I also love Iris mini and use it everyday and this is the place to say something good about the program.

I leave the comment section to you guys!

Thanks you! 🙂

Daniel <3

15 thoughts on “Iris mini Here is the place to say something good about Iris mini

  1. Szeretném letölteni az Iris, nekem megvan,de telepitési hiba lehet.
    Mert nem nyillik ki, nem tudom hogy mit tegyek vele ?

    Hát én nagyon tisztelem Önt a munkájáért, hogy gondol másokra is,
    hiszem az én szemem is sokat romlott a monitortól, pedig kisebb fényre vettem le.
    Üdvözlettel: Judi

  2. Thank you for your work Daniel.
    I am using the Pro version of Iris mini on my MacBook. I can fee after some minutes when Iris is switched on my eyes are feeling better in comparison when Iris is switched off.
    But when I shut down my mac and started again I have to switch on the Iris app manually. Is there a possibility to make it automatically? I suppose we have to install the app on the computer…
    Thank you.
    Best regards,

    1. I think this is fixed in the latest version Iris mini 0.1.5, but if not it will be fixed in 0.1.6. I made it, but maybe it’s not in the version currently on the site. Check the website tommorow and download the new version 🙂

  3. Heard you on the Ben Greenfield show. I enjoyed listening to you on the podcast and the knowledge you possess. I am looking forward to learning more. I spend lots of time on my cellphone, more than I do on a computer.

  4. Dear Daniel,
    Thank you for the latest version of Iris Mini 0.1.6 for mac OS.
    It works flawlessly and I succeeded to make it works even after a restart of the computer.
    Maybe for all mac OS users will be useful to know that after installation of the file is good to move the iris app in Applications folder. After I done this the app started to work even after restarting of the system.
    So far I am very happy from the app and also my eyes feels better – thank you for this, Daniel.

    Regards / Поздрави,

  5. I got the Iris mini pro. It’s the most wonderful app! I’ve had so much trouble with headaches from computer usage even with polaroid blue-blocker sunglasses. Now, it’s so-o-o much easier to use the computer! And with the pro version, I can make it as dark/cool as I need at any given time. You’ve also priced it to be very affordable for everyone. Thank you so much, Daniel! You’ve really done something helpful for the planet!

  6. I love it, but I can’t move it off the desktop. It won’t go into my applications folder or even in my desktop folder. I wanted to write to you on your “contact me” page, but it isn’t working.


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