Iris mini

Magic spells, because I don't want 1 million options to Iris mini

Let me tell you one story. User contacts Dani. User wants new feature. Dani good. Dani makes the new feature. User happy. Repeat 100 times and Iris starts to look bloated.

I decided that I want Iris to be focused and minimalistic, but I love you so much that I just can’t say NO to you. This is why I created this Hidden features.

When something is not used by more than 95% of the users it goes here and you can use it if you need it, but Iris is still clean. Everything happens behind the scenes. ūüôā

What is Hidden features?

When you have hidden features activated you will have this button

If you click this button it will open this window

In this window you can enter your hidden feature Magic spell.

What are the Magic spells?

In this section I will mantain all official Iris mini hidden features. Do not enter them with the [brackets], but replace the [brackets] with real values. Examples:

set temperature to [temperature]
set temperature to 2546

[enable/disable] calibration at startup
disable calibration at startup

With all that said

Magic spells list

set temperature to [temperature]
Sets the Color temperature to custom value.

set brightness to [brightness]
Sets the Brightness to custom value.

[enable/disable] hidden features
You can disable the hidden features with this spell.

[enable/disable] gamma fixer
Gamma fixer is slight change in the gamma, because from time to time the video card on Windows decides to Reset the screen colors and Iris can’t apply them without slight change in the values. Example is when you lock/unlock your PC. If you notice this slight gamma change you can disable the gamma fixer with this feature. Then just click the icon several times to apply the colors when the gamma is reset.

[enable/disable] calibration at startup
You know that annoying colors up and down when Iris mini starts. Disable it with this command.
For Windows also this registry file will work.

[enable/disable] start at startup
Don’t want Iris mini to start at startup? Use this.

[enable/disable] create shortcuts automatically
You want to stop the automatic creation of desktop and start menu shortcut? Use this.

[enable/disable] tray icon rotation
The tray icon rotates when Iris is changing the colors. This means that it will rotate when your display is not calibrated. If you don’t like this effect, use this feature.

[enable/disable] manual temperature
You can make the Color temperature to be manual when the brightness is automatic. This is the so called hidden Mixed mode. Use enable manual temperature to activate manual Color temperature during the whole day.

[enable/disable] manual brightness
You can make the Brightness to be manual when the Color temperature is automatic. This is the so called hidden Mixed mode. Use enable manual brightness to activate manual Brightness during the whole day.

[enable/disable] monitor [number]
If you have multiple monitors you can disable Iris mini on some of them. With this Iris mini can work only on 1 of 2 monitors. This is super cool and was requested by many people. To disable Iris mini on monitor 2 use: disable monitor 2 for example. What I mean by this, see this picture


reset colors
Your screen is yellow or red after you exit Iris? Use this.

reset settings
Reset settings to default.

You can invert the screen colors with Iris mini. What I mean by this, see this picture

zero blue light
You can set the blue light down to 0K. You can use both this feature or set temperature to 0. What I mean by this, see this picture

[enable/disable] gamma preservation
By default Iris mini will respect and load your color profiles and current display calibration. If you want Iris mini to use the default monitor settings disable gamma preservation.

[enable/disable] hidden features notifications
I added notifications when you activate some hidden feature so you will know when the operation is successfull. If you don’t want this notifications use this feature. For example I use invert pretty often and don’t want Iris to notify me every time when I invert my screen.

[enable/disable] inverted icons
Iris mini uses inverted icons when inverted mode. This is done, because double inversion makes normal color. If you want Iris mini icons also to be inverted disable inverted icons.

[enable/disable] manual location
Sometimes behind proxy or firewall Iris mini detects wrong location and with this feature you can set the latitude and longitude to manual values.

set latitude to [value]
Sets the latitude of the manual location. Use with enable manual location.

set longitude to [value]
Sets the longitude of the manual location. Use with enable manual location.

[enable/disable] software mouse
This will make the Mouse cursor also red instead of the bright blue cursor. By using software mouse some users reported that they don’t see the cursor in some games so if you don’t see your cursor disable this feature.

[enable/disable] manual night duration
Use manual night duration with hours. Use set night start time to and set night end time to to change the start and end hours of the night

set night start time to [value]
Sets the night start time at hour. Use with enable manual night duration.

set night end time to [value]
Sets the night end time at hour. Use with enable manual night duration.

set day temperature to [temperature]
Sets the Color temperature during the day to custom value. There will be gradual interpolation between this and the night temperature.

set day brightness to [brightness]
Sets the Brightness during the day to custom value. There will be gradual interpolation between this and the night brightness.

At the moment this are the hidden features Magic spells. There are also

Secret features and Easter eggs

I made the Secret features and Easter eggs just for fun. Some of them are helpfull in some sutuations and some are just plain silly and stupid. I will not tell you the hidden commands for them. Try to find them. There are some awesome things.

Daniel ūüôā