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  1. I just purchased the pro Windows version 0.6.9 and have entered the activation code. I have a multi-monitor setup, 2 additional monitors hooked up to my laptop through USB. In the advanced settings I check all the monitor 1 – 4 boxes but nothing changes.

    1. The Manage monitors page is still work in progress, but Iris should work by default on all monitors.
      The problem is that they are connected trought USB.

      The easiest solution will be to connect them with HDMI cable. However since I’m almost sure that this is not an option for you I am thinking of other ways.

      Can you tell me if the other monitors are duplicated or sepparate image for every screen?

      Are they detected from Windows as second and third screen also?

      This is common problem and it’s in my list with TODOs, but since you have purchased Iris it is now my priority and responsibility to fix.

      I have several ideas on my mind.

      First can you tell me if Color effects work on all screens. If they work the easiest way will be to add new color effect with your desired color temperature and brightness and to be manual. I think I can make it also automatic, but it will take time.

      If you can connect them with HDMI or other cable.

      Do the rest screen show on all monitors? If this is true I can make also overlay fix for the momment.

      I don’t have this kind of setup and will need your help to test some things.

      If Iris doesn’t work for you at the moment you can pause it so your time will not expire until I fix this 🙂

  2. I just purchased Iris and also have a 3 monitor setup to a Dell laptop on a dock. The two monitors connected to the dock thru hdmi and dvi work great. The third monitor connected thru usb with a Plugable hdmi to usb connection device is not affected by Iris. Under “manage monitors” it shows all three monitors. All monitors show different content (expanded rather than duplicate).

    Any suggestions?

    1. Yes
      With High level color API checkbox it should work.
      With Screen overlay also, but screen overlay is filter and I’m not sure if its included in the latest version.
      I’m making Iris lifetime and in the next version I will include the latest screen overlay.
      Will transfer your code to lifetime also, I’m just on holiday right now and cannot help much at the moment because No PC in me

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