NEW minor build for Windows


Download “Iris-” Iris-

In this build I rewrited the whole color management system and let me explain why.

Iris will now not fuck up your display calibration.

Iris will now work on multiple monitors connected with USB

Iris not has 2 color management systems. The old one is called Low level API and if you like it you can enable it from the menu, but the new one is used by default and it’s based on the Color Effects API that I created for color effects

The awesome thing now is that you don’t need color range expanding on the first start 😛

For selecting the old Color management system:

Daniel 🙂

12 thoughts on “NEW minor build for Windows

  1. This program will not run on my PC, maybe because I still have Windows 7? Is there a version that works well with Windows 7, as my company will not yet allow an upgrade to Windows 10?

    1. Have tried a few different versions. All have downloaded and installed well, but none of them will open.

      i did just pay for a month of use as well

  2. след инсталиране на тази версия, в таскбар-а остава прозореца с настройките който не може да се махне.
    на другите версии това е оправено.
    бих желал и в тази версия да остане само иконката в трей зоната (до часовника) и при клик на тази иконка да се показва прозореца с настройките.

  3. Why aren’t the downloads resumable?? For those without a fast reliable Internet connection – like me – it’s a nightmare with frequent disconnects and having to restart again.

  4. Just paid for one month (10 US$) via PayPal, can’t access IRIS, respectively, nothing resulting from me having paid … the trial worked well … I’m just a user, beginning to suspect that I`ve just wasted 10 US$ ??

    1. Enter the activation code in the License section.
      What do you mean by can’t access Iris.
      I will refund you if you are unhappy don’t worry.
      I have several things to fix and will help you but write me more specific things.


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