NEW minor build for Windows


Download “Iris-” Iris-

This version of Iris has

– Fixed color pausers and timer pausers not to close on Enter clicked
– Color temp down to 0 kelvins (no blue light)
– Fixing the expanding of color range
– GetDeviceGamma to work with multiple monitors


8 thoughts on “NEW minor build for Windows

  1. I purchased Iris but it is showing that I have 3 hours left.

    Also do you have some kind of getting started guide? I have no idea what this is doing.

    Next – how do I expand colors? I got there at one point but nothing happened when I clicked the button.

    Where are all these exercise buttons located? They are mentioned but I don’t see anything when I go into Iris on my taskbar.

    Should I be turning this off when I leave my desk?

    Don’t understand how the break button works.

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