NEW version 0.5.7 for Windows


We just build new version of Iris:

Download “Iris-0.5.7-Windows” Iris-0.5.7.exe

In this version I added initial color calibration and fixed Expand range button. Why nobody told me that this thing is stopped working? Maybe this was error only on windows 10. 😀

Checkout the rest screen. I added something special.

And all applications blocking was not working. Why nobody told me that too 😀
I fixed it

There are also other things, but I want to sleep


3 thoughts on “NEW version 0.5.7 for Windows

  1. When you will make option to hide Iris to system tray, when minimized ? Normaly applications which should work in background should not occupy taskbar.

    1. Yes this afternoon after 7-8 hours it will be ready and I will ship it with the new version.
      I made it so you can see the remaining time for the day. And to pause it when you want, but I couple of users asked for this and I’m almost ready with the code.

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