NEW version 0.7.0 for Mac OSX


Download “Iris-0.7.0-OSX” Iris-0.7.0-OSX.dmg


This is updated version for Mac OSX. I started to add the new Iris inline help in this version

Dani 🙂

4 thoughts on “NEW version 0.7.0 for Mac OSX

  1. You should add installation help — like how to disable “Allow Apps from Anywhere” since you are not authorized from Apple. The info boxes are nice, but what is recommended for designers? How can I switch the screen when I need to have color accuracy but turn it back to save my eyes the rest of the time? That would be ideal. I loved listening to you on Ben Greenfield and I am happy to support you and your product. Keep up the great work!

  2. I can’t find how to change the Fonts in the settings. I haven’t paid for it yet, but I thought you got . Doesn’t seem to be an option. Thought maybe it’s a paid/freemium issue, I paid the $10. Still no Font control.

    Also when I download this app version, it says I have v 0.6.9 rather than 0.7.0.

    1. The Font rendering is currently only for Windows. It’s 0.7.0. If you are not happy I can refund you 🙂
      I am working on to sync all versions, but the Windows version is the latest always, since my Mac is really old and it’s hard for me to develop on it

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