NEW version 0.7.4 for Mac OSX


Download “Iris-0.7.4-OSX” Iris-0.7.4-OSX.dmg

Iris 0.7.4 for Mac also. For more info about the changes see the Windows post


Daniel 🙂

8 thoughts on “NEW version 0.7.4 for Mac OSX

  1. I have been using flux with it set at 2700k 24/7 (all day and night in the yellow spectrum). I get a fair amount of sunlight in my office, but I am concerned about the blue spectrum from the computer screen. What is the advantage of iris? Thanks.

    1. I used to use flux but I decided to try Iris because the settings, especially the timer, in flux were a hassle to me. I find Iris a lot easier to use, but I imagine which is better depends on what you need. I only use it at night. I love that there’s a toggle for advanced settings- it makes every day use a lot easier. The timers in flux and Iris aren’t relevant to me because I use mostly natural light, which varies every day of course. In Iris, I keep the advanced settings off and just select the tint I need from drop down menu. I’m liking Iris a lot better so far, but I have not yet decided whether it will be worth it to pay for more than 4 hours. If this program continues to fit my needs I’ll take no issue with paying for it, but if it doesn’t I’ll shop around again. I’ve been using it in the evenings for a few days now (3, I think), and so far I’m really liking it.

      1. I am making Iris to be lifelong and some options to be free. Maybe I will add also the timer to the free things, but it will not be customizable.
        The price will be 10$ for lifelong. I am just finishing some things with the transfering of activation codes and I will release the new version and payment methods.
        The old versions will also work, but I want to try new things because many users are confused with the current payment method and usage model

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