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  1. Hey there,

    I found Iris because I searched for an alternative to f.lux.
    It looks really promising so far. But there’s one thing I really
    do not get: Why the heck did you make the settings menu
    so incredibly hard to access by using pagination? It’s totally
    inconvenient to bother the user with wasting time searching
    for the right options and/or memorizing which options are
    behind which number. Why don’t you use a nicely formatted
    dropdown menu, or some other straightforward solution

    Best regards

    1. I didn’t think of better way. There are many settings for Iris. I am removing most of them right now for one lite version with only essentials.
      Also Iris mini is really minimalistic

      1. Check out settings-packed software such as MS Office, Adobe products, or even browsers. I highly doubt Iris’s got more settings than them, yet you can get ideas how nicely they’ve managed to present them user-friendly. At the very least you can use a tabbed-view. While it’s a bit old-fashioned, it’s much more intuitive and user-friendly than the current pagination.

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