WTF Dropbox?


Thank you very much Dropbox. Reliable file hosting… 😀

I’m sorry for this.
I will move Iris files to hosting again right now. And after this I will search for other file hosting.

Please write me for issues like this immediatel. I will do my best to fix them fast

Update: I fixed at least for now. I’m really sorry again


7 thoughts on “WTF Dropbox?

          1. Bintray is popular option. CloudFront also (actually I think Bintary uses CloudFront). There a lot of CDN sites too. And then there are file sharing sites but not sure how reputable is software distributed from hotfiles 🙂

          2. I don’t know. I don’t have money to pay for this right now. Dropbox was cool, because it was free and has the feature for direct links which Iris uses for the auto update system

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