and How to produce more tears


At first I was thinking that frequent blinking is the ultimate tool to moisture my eyes, but as I was reading more and more about the eyes I started to understand that Yawning will be actually better.

In this article I will try to explain Why yawning and will propose some solutions for yawning reminding.

I personally think that yawning reminding is overkill, but if somebody wants them I will add them to Iris 🙂

Yawning is contagious. Even as I write about yawning I started to yawn which is nice. If you are reading this article about yawning you will probably yawn too.

This makes me happy, because even if you don’t use Iris, your eyes will be better lubricated during the next several minutes.

Let’s start with some super awesome video from ASAP science. I personally like their videos a lot


One thought on “Yawning and How to produce more tears

  1. Hi thanks for that. I always wondered why I yawn a lot when I am in my yoga class and now it makes perfect sense! ( except I never see anybody else yawning… – perhaps they hide it!)

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