10 Tips on how to have Healthy Eyes

You ever just get to work all excited that you will finally sit in front of your laptop and do your thing?

Yeah… Me neither.

Maybe we’re pushing it with the whole excitement thing, but it’s a fact that whether we like it or not we have to do our jobs.

And a good amount of those jobs require working on a laptop, which may sound better than laying asphalt, but they still carry risks for our health and can be exhausting.

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Staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day and then a few more if you like video games, killing time on YouTube or watching Netflix can make your life unnecessarily harder.

All that screen time is undoubtedly going to lead to eye strain, which inevitably will lead to headaches, dry eyes, tiredness and all kinds of things we wish we didn’t have.

Digital eye strain is something we all should fear and be wary of. People tend to not think about their eyes as much when they’re too busy having the time of their lives watching Stranger Things, The Office, Game of Thrones or something else that glues you to the screen.

But trust us, we could do some serious damage to them and we need to start taking care of them just like we would take care of our favorite kitten or puppy.

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Thankfully, there are things we can do, which will battle the Computer Vision Syndrome or at least help us keep our eyes as healthy as possible.

Visit a Doctor

Of course, seeing a doctor should be the first thing you do, so you can get a better idea of what is going on and what steps to take next.

Even if you think that your vision is fine, visit a doctor once a year – that way if there is a problem you will be able to fix it at the beginning.

Control the brightness

Turning it down to around the same brightness as your workplace will not only save you battery but limits your exposure to excessive light.

Which is exactly what we want to avoid digital eye strain.

Remember – too low brightness will strain your eyes and cause you a headache.

Proper body position

Correct sitting is also important.

Not just for your eyes too, but for your back, your spine.

It’s important to try and make it a habit or get a chair that supports proper sitting form, our whole body will thank it. The eyes will too.

Note: This is not a correct sitting position:

Take a break

Taking a little break, a short walk or even closing your eyes for a little would rest your mind and your eyes alike.Β 

And if you can’t remember to do that, our app Iris will help you!

Iris offers you a Timer – it will remind you to take those breaks once in a while.


This might be an obvious one, but remember to blink.

Studies show that people who use computer tend to blink less. This causes dry eyes and eye strain.

Avoid staring for a long time without blinking.


Something that helps against dry eyes are eye drops.

So if you have that problem, the drops would help you.

However, this can’t be a temporary solution.

Try blinking and yawning more often – this will help you with the dry eyes too.

Blue light filters

Something very helpful and important is the Blue Light filter.

It can reduce the eye strain significantly and help you feel better and sleep better.

It is a must if you’re using any device in the night time.

Iris is a software that reduces the blue light like this:

Anti-glare screen

There are anti-glare screens we can purchase for both our monitors and smartphones or we can at least try to sit somewhere away from a window.

If your monitors reflect the wall or something else that surrounds you your eyes will strain to focus.

Monitor position

Your device needs to be at arm’s length from you, which prevents visual as well as neck and back strain.


You can always try the glasses that block blue light.

However, they can be uncomfortable, they may cause headaches in some cases and they don’t solve the problem – once you take them off or forget them somewhere the blue light is still going to be there.

We owe it to ourselves to take care of our eyes and all the ways available to help us protect them to make our job easier.

What makes it even easier is Iris, which will make you battle all the eye strain symptoms at once and effectively.

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2 thoughts on “10 Tips on how to have Healthy Eyes

  1. I really like you how you mentioned that if the brightness on your screen is too low, that can cause eye strain. With my job working at a computer each day, I’ve become more concerned about my overall eye health. I think I should see an optometrist soon.

  2. I want to keep my eyes really healthy this year. It is good to know that I should think about not letting the brightness of my screens affect my eyes. I should probably go to an eye doctor and talk to them about how to protect my eyes.

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