11 Tips for higher productivity.

Productivity is not a talent that only the chosen ones have. Have you ever felt that you could do better, but never put yourself into it? 

Productivity is achievable with not so great efforts and simple habits.

Productivity is what helps us to do more in work and in our lives.

It makes us feel of use to the world.

Therefore every person tries to be as much productive as possible.

Yet, not everybody manages to do so.

This is why in this article we are going to show you some easy tips for better productivity that you could muster.

How to be productive?

The life hacks we thought of in this article are a piece of cake to start doing.

We will start with the most important and go through to the essential ones.

Here, take a look at these 11 tips 

Motivate yourself

First of all what motivates you?

For sure it is something from these: music; doing sports; watching movies; spending time with your family; coffee or something else?

Then do it in the morning before you even start your day!

Without motivation, nobody could do anything in the best way he/she is capable of.

Also, every day think that you will do better than the day before.

Try to outdo yourself!

Also, prepare your favorite music on a playlist to listen during the day for a dose of extra motivation. 

Use planners

Planners and bullet journals are the easiest way to remember what you have to do and what you have already done. 

Journals are also a great way to track your progress in a specific field. 

If you take notes every day, you can easily go back and see how you have been doing by the tasks that you have or haven’t done. 

Everybody could make his own planner in which to write down to-dos. 

All that is needed is a simple notebook and a pen.

Notebooks are very useful, for they do not need charging like smartphones.

And best of all – they are portable.

Plus, writing something down by hand is scientifically proven to be aiding for better memory.

Bullet journals are something fancier than a simple planner. 

They can have different sections for daily, monthly and yearly scheduling. 

A bullet journal may have many tracker pages.

For instance, about the books that you have read; the movies you have watched; the last time you did a full-house cleaning; etc.

Starting with something as simple as a notebook and a pen promises you to remember all the tasks you have to do. 

And making a reality check with a real pen is very delightful. 

Choose adequate deadlines

People are not robots.

We cannot take many chores and do them for several days.

So one has to cautiously manage his deadlines and the jobs he/she takes up to do. 

The best way to finish your job before the deadline is to monitor how much it takes you to do something for the first time and to remember that. 

That way when you come up with the same job again, it won’t bother you with the time it takes. 

Order tasks by priority

We know that you want to be a multitasker and do as much as possible.

But productivity isn’t about that, it is about quality, not quantity. 

And some things are more important than others.

Order them by priority in your planner or bullet journal and leave the others for another day or when you have more time. 

Take a rest

If you are feeling tired, do not force yourself.

Staying sharp all the time is not healthy.

Stop and take the rest you deserve for your hard work. 

Award yourself for the job you did.

You could take a day off and spend time with friends or to simply chill at home doing something you like. 

Reading books is a great way to rest and at the same time to be productive. 

Use some help

If you are struggling to do something, do not bother to dig into it forever. 

Try to find somebody who could help you and ask him kindly. 

Asking for help is not something to be ashamed of and it will help you to go along with your tasks faster. 

Decline unnecessary goings out

Going out with friends is pleasurable, but not at all times. 

When you have work to do and upcoming deadlines, better to learn how to say ‘no’. 

It would be best to leave time for such meetings in your planner and plan them sometime earlier.

That way the organizations would be better. 

Start with the hardest task

When you have a bunch of tasks to do, do the hardest one before all. 

That way you are going to concentrate mainly on it.

Otherwise, while doing the minor tasks you will constantly think about the hardest at the end. 

It may take some time to finish it, but once you do it, the others will feel like a piece of cake.

This tip is not necessary for all cases, but do it where it is applicable. 

Forget about your social media

Social media like Facebook or Instagram take a great deal of our precious time.

These apps are enemies to productivity. 

Unless your job is to manage the social media profiles of a firm, then try to cut the time you spend there.

Usually, we scroll endlessly through meaningless feed just for fun.

And after hours we still haven’t done anything productive. 

Of course, social media connect us with our friends and relatives. 

But the best way to be in connection with the world and still manage your chores is to put a regime to all social media you use.

There is time for everything if your life is well planned. 

Find time for sport

Sport is not only is going to motivate you, but it will give you energy. 

There is no difference what sport you will do, it could be yoga; running; fitness; dancing or just anything!

Being active has many advantages.

 It keeps you fit, strong and proactive.

But most of all it makes you healthy. 

Be healthy

Health is fundamental to productivity.

Make sure you do everything that is up to you to be healthy because if you are sick productivity is unthinkable.

And one of the most essential things to look after is your eyes.

Almost everybody works in front of a computer and usually for long hours.

There is the threat of the computer display to damage our eyes with its blue light radiations.

What blue light could provoke is red or dry eyes, headaches, and even vision damage.

What we suggest you are to install Iris – the blue light filter for PC, Android, and iOS.

Iris is a software that filters the blue light from your device’s display just like any professional computer glasses would do.

The program operates in the background of the computer’s tasks, so it wouldn’t stop you from doing your work and being productive.

 Iris has many options for you to personalize it for your exact needs. 

A great plus is also that Iris has a break reminder that will launch only when it is time for you to stop for several minutes and rest your eyes from the screen. 

Last words

To become productive is achievable.

You only have to find the best ways that work for you and here we gave you some tips to start with.

Motivation is what moves you throughout the day and health is what keeps you fresh and energetic.

Take care of both and everything else is going to come with ease! 

Author: Yoana Borisova
Publisher: Kalina Shushlina










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