Software for Blue light and PWM protection

All Iris versions

Hi, You can now find all Iris versions here: More info why in GitHub from this post: Thank you GitHub Sorry for the problems with the downloads Dani

Thank you GitHub

For saving my ass again. So what was the story today. One user wrote to me that Iris is not compatible with Windows 7. I immediately installed Windows 7 and tested and everything was OK. Then I tried to download the new Iris version from this site. And the .exe was broken. Why? Couple of weeks ago the Iris server … Read More

WTF Dropbox?

Thank you very much Dropbox. Reliable file hosting… 😀 I’m sorry for this. I will move Iris files to hosting again right now. And after this I will search for other file hosting. Please write me for issues like this immediatel. I will do my best to fix them fast Update: I fixed at least for now. I’m … Read More

Does Iris works on Windows 7 right now?

Hi, One user told me that Iris is not working on windows 7. Do anyone else have this issue. This is bad, really bad. I’m installing Windows right now to test this, but if somebody can test this on his PC it will be good. Note that I’m using Windows 10 for the development of Iris right now. Older versions … Read More