Software for Blue light and PWM protection

Iris free 0.0.1 for Windows

This page is outdated and Iris is much better now. Download the latest version from the Iris homepage. The bellow version may use a lot of CPU and don’t have any kinds of automation If you want free Iris, download Iris mini Hi, Finally totally free version of Iris specially for you πŸ™‚ This is lite version with only blue … Read More

Redshift GUI 0.0.1 for Windows

Alternative link if the download fails. The file should be 43.4MB Hi, Many of you wanted free version of Iris and since you know I love you I decided to make something special. There is one open source project called Redshift, but it doesn’t have GUI and you need to understand a lot of tech to compile it and … Read More

Evolution – How Eyes Evolvedand the story of our eyes

Colors and Color Psychology – Do You See What I See?Awesome Movie about Colors

Top Laptop PWM Ranking (Rated by negative impact on eyesight)

Users should pay a lot more attention to PWM, or Pulse-Width Modulation, when buying a new laptop. Why? Because many of us work with our computers for hours every day, and PWM is one of the things that have negative impact on our eyesight. Pulse Width modulation (PWM) is an easy way to control monitor brightness. When you lower the … Read More

Flicker free monitors

Quick Index Introduction Flicker Free Database Hybrid Backlight Dimming Other Honourable Mentions Please note: There has been a massive surge in the focus on β€˜flicker-free’ monitors from many manufacturers since this list was first introduced on TFTCentral. As a result, the list is almost certainly not exhaustive. We will try to keep it updated for now, but at some point … Read More

Happy Fools Day

Hi, I don’t lie, but I just wanted to say to you Happy fools day from Iris πŸ™‚

Licensingand How to use Iris for free

Iris mini is free. Iris is free. Iris micro is free. Iris mini has Pro version for 2$ with more options and hidden features. This is lifetime license and it includes applications updates and support from me as much as I can do. Iris has Pro version for 10$ with more options and advanced settings. This is lifetime license and … Read More

Brightnessand Why your monitor flickers

Introduction Monitors have been flickering for many years. A CRT monitor basically created its picture with flicker and if you found it uncomfortable to sit in front of a CRT monitor, you were not alone. But it can also happen on modern PC monitors. We are not talking about visible flicker as in a defective monitor, but β€œinvisible” flicker that … Read More