Software for Blue light and PWM protection

Iris mini 0.2.1 for Linux

New version for Linux with Color inversion and Zero blue light mode For both 32-bit and 64-bit Linux Daniel

Iris liteHow to install and activate Iris lite

Iris lite is included in Iris and you can switch between the 2 with 1 button. To install and activate Iris lite Go here Watch this

IrisHow to install and activate Iris

Old version of the post Go here Watch this

How to install and activate Iris mini

From this link Download the version for your operating system. The first button is for Windows, the second for MacOS and the third for Linux. After you have downloaded and installed Iris mini see the instructions below on how to enter the Activation code… Text Windows Installation How to install Iris mini on Windows Download Iris mini from When the … Read More

Iris mini 0.2.1 for Mac OSX

Hi, In this version of Iris mini there is color inversion and Zero blue light Many bug fixes and many improvements πŸ™‚ With love, Daniel πŸ™‚

Iris mini 0.2.1 for Windows + Installer

Hi, There are so much new things in this version Most awesome is the inverted mode and the 0K color temperature mode. I will update the hidden features article tomorrow with the new spells Manual mode is by default and Hidden features are enabled by default, because non-technical people was a little bit confused and I am trying to make … Read More

Iris mini 0.2.0 for Windows + Installer

Hi, New Iris mini 0.2.0 with bug fixes Daniel πŸ™‚  

The Significance of Letter Position in Word RecognitionPhD Thesis, 1976, Nottingham University, by Graham Rawlinson

A Summary This summary is supplied by Graham Rawlinson on the trust that people will use it wisely and accurately. I hope people will include a quote of my book, How to Invent (Almost) Anything, my latest Thesis, published by Spiro Press, 2003. The Purpose It is always easy to state a purpose after the event. Key drivers for me … Read More

Iris mini 0.1.9 for Windows + Installer

Hi, I fixed a lot of things in this version. I get second monitor and fixed all the problems with second monitor connected with HDMI and VGA cabel. – There are some new awesome Hidden features and new Mixed mode – Tray icon rotation only at night and hidden feature –Β Use fixer again and hidden feature for fixer –Β Preserve color … Read More

A scientific study on the effects of Ambilight in flat-panel displaysProf. Dr. Ir. S.H.A. Begemann , Technische Universiteit Eindhoven ( Tue), Netherlands – July 22, 2005

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