Software for Blue light and PWM protection

Iris mini 0.2.6 Installer for Windows

The install and uninstall flow of Iris. Reduced size to 20MB, reduced installer size to 10MB. I have tested it only on Windows 10, so if you get any errors please write to me. Daniel 🙂

Iris mini 0.2.5 Installer for Windows

Hi, From now on Iris mini will be only with Installer. In this version the notifications was fixed on Windows 10 The uninstaller is also fixed, because it’s a new version write in the forum if you get some error when starting the application. Daniel 🙂  

Iris micro 0.0.7 for Linux

This version has both 32-bit and 64-bit executables and automatic desktop files for double clicking

Iris micro 0.0.6 for Linux

Updated version of Iris micro for 32-bit Linux with clickable files for day and night mode

How to install and activate Iris

Text Download Iris for your operating system from this link After you have downloaded and installed Iris see the instructions below on how to enter the Activation code… When Iris is started it will look like this If the payment result page is still open copy your new activation code. You will activate Iris in a moment. Payment result … Read More

Iris mini 0.2.4 for Windows XP

This version was build specially for Windows XP Enjoy, Daniel 🙂

Iris micro 0.0.5 for Windows

So I removed some automatic code, because the WIN API is broken now just make sure that you run expand_range.reg and restart your PC if this is your first install of Iris, Iris mini or Iris micro. This version was build on Windows XP and I’m sure it will work on every Windows out there. Enjoy, Daniel 🙂

Iris micro 0.0.4 for Mac OSX

There were some bugs for Iris Micro for OSX. One thing is that it was using 100% CPU when run with the & command line option So I fixed this and added .command files instead of sh files. I also updated the Readme and tried to code sign the exec, but there was some problems Gatekeeper is still showing me … Read More

Iris mini 0.2.3 for Mac OSX

Hi, This version is awesome, because I finally fixed the Unknown developer problem. Some hidden features are added and day temperature is 5000K Daniel 🙂

Iris description 0.0.1

This is outdated article! Do not read it. Iris is software for eye protection, health and productivity. Let me explain it this way: Iris is the software I use to create Iris. What I mean by this is that it has everything I need to be healthy and productive when I work all day on Iris. For example I sit … Read More