Software for Blue light and PWM protection

Iris mini 0.3.0 Installer for Windows

Hi, Iris was not working correctly on Windows 7 and the screen was really black at startup. I’m really sorry about this I was just using Windows 10 and I didn’t know about this problem Now the black screen is fixed

Roadmapand the First version of Iris

You can trace the beginning of Iris to Mar 8, 2015 when I made the first version with installer. I am sure there are versions before this, but I was promoting it with giving USB stickΒ to some people and basically breaking their computers, because there was nothing working. This is how Iris 0.0.0 looked like It’s so ugly, but it … Read More

Language page

From this page you can change Iris language by selecting language from the dropdown. As I have the capacity to only transalte Iris in English and BulgarianΒ I have used translators for most other languages and some translations may be incorrect. If you don’t see your native language in this dropdown or want to fix some of the translations see How … Read More

Brightness page

From this page you can customize the screen brightness. Iris brightness is different from your monitor hardware brightness, because it doesn’t use PWM to control the light emitted from the screen. Basically you need to put your hardware brightness to the MAX and control the Brightness of the screen with this sliders. Be careful, because it can go down to … Read More


The Timer is used to remind you to take breaks from the computer and look at distant objects. There are several different modes Off The timer is stopped and there will be no break reminding. Normal Normal mode looks like this By default every 30 minutes this screen will be shown with countdown timer. You can change work and rest … Read More

Iris mini 0.2.9 Installer for Windows

Hi, This version of Iris mini is digitally signed. I also started to add translation code for different languages. This version also have the code for Team licenses which are activation codes for team with discount.

When you buy Iris Pro from the Buy PageΒ you can enter your activation code in this box and when you click Activate code your Iris will become Iris Pro. The steps to buy Iris Pro are like this Go to the Buy Page Click Buy now button Pay with PayPal Now wait several seconds to be redirected to the Iris … Read More


Iris has several types. These are some settings which many people use and I selected for you to understand how Iris works more quickly. Type Specialty Health General Health Sleep No Blue light Reading E-ink Grayscale Programming Color Inversion Biohacker Sleep + Programming Sunglasses Minimize Flicker Dark Reduce Light Movie Improve Light Overlay Color Therapy Basically, these are some different … Read More


Iris has 3 modes – Automatic – Manual – Paused With this page I want to explain when to use them and what they mean. Automatic Automatic mode uses your clock and location and automatically sets Iris between the day and night settings. During the day your screen will will be more bright and with more blue light and during … Read More

Licensingand Which license to choose

If I don’t like Iris will I get a refund? Yes, we have a company rule to always refund money if somebody is unhappy with Iris. We will also probably delete the activation code since it’s not fair if you like and use Iris but want a refund. I tried to summarize all questions related to your buying protection at … Read More