Software for Blue light and PWM protection

Iris mini for Mac OSX (Minor Build)

This version is fix for Dr. Jay problem about flickering when computer goes on from standby Also some tray icon fix for example to switch to Manual mode when you click some option, because people write to me that it’s not working when on Automatic and find it confusing Daniel πŸ™‚

Install instructions

Based on yourΒ BrowserΒ andΒ Operating SystemΒ bellow if available you can find some installation instructions if they are available.

Download should start automatically

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How to Install Iris on Windows 10

Locate the file on your PC and Right click -> Open or Double click it with the Left mouse button Installation window will open. Click the Next button, then read and Agree with the Iris EULA Iris will start to install itseft into the computer Local folder In my case this is C:Usersdanielng01AppDataLocalIris The reason it’s not installed in Program … Read More

Iris mini Installer for Windows (Minor Build)

Fixed the Manual mode not changing

Vision 0.0.2 for Windows

Vision now comes with 3 different presets in the free version and Pro version with customizable values Enjoy, Daniel πŸ™‚

Vision 0.0.1 for Windows

Ladies and gentelman I want to present to you the beginning of a new era for the Color blinded. By combining lots of math and programming we made desktop application which helps color blind people to see more colors. This software is called Vision and just remember this name πŸ™‚  

Iris mini 0.3.8 for Linux 64-bit

Iris mini 0.3.8 for Linux 32-bit

Iris mini 0.3.8 for Linux