Software for Blue light and PWM protection

Iris Iris Iris

Welcome to Iris! There is Iris here There is Iris there And basically everywhere.   Say Iris, Iris, Iris, Iris everywhere.   Protect your eyes, For every size You get a sweet surprise.   With Iris, you can sleep like kid, And everyone will ask you what you did.    

Troubleshootingand How to fix common problems

This turtle is the Iris customer support agent and it will help you solve all your problems with Iris. You may wonder why I chose turtle to help you, but the answer is simple. Turtles have the ability to stay grounded, even in moments of disturbances and chaos. They symbolize determination, persistence, emotional strength and understanding, all of the things … Read More

Reseller Certificate

ๆŽˆๆƒ่ฏๆ˜Ž ๆˆ‘ไปฌ๏ผŒIris Technologies EOOD ๆŽˆๆƒ DIGITALYCHEE TECHNOLOGY CO LTD ไฝœไธบๆˆ‘ไปฌๅœจไธญๅ›ฝ็š„ๅฎ˜ๆ–นๅˆไฝœไผ™ไผด๏ผŒๅนถไธ”ๆ‹ฅๆœ‰ๅœจๆท˜ๅฎ็ฝ‘็ซ™๏ผˆ๏ผ‰ไธŠๅ‡บๅ”ฎๆˆ‘ไปฌ Iris ็‰ˆๆƒ่ฝฏไปถ็š„ๆƒๅˆฉใ€‚   AUTHORIZATION CERTIFICATE We, Iris Technologies EOOD, the developer of Iris authorizes DIGITALYCHEE TECHNOLOGY CO LTD as our official partner in China, and it owns the right to sell the copyrighted software of us Iris on Taobao store (  

Test how much Blue light is blocked

        At 1900K Iris blocks all blue light Video Iris with Groot Color Scheme and 0K (only blue light removed without green)

Iris mini 0.3.9 for Mac OSX

Fixed 100% CPU usage update externals

Iris mini 0.3.9 Installer for Windows

Fixed lag when on WLAN with games and etc. Daniel

Eye Mastery (Day 1)The Science behind Iris and Why it works?

When you first start Iris you will see how your screen becomes more orange and also a little bit more dimmed. You may wonder how this colors will actually help you feel less eye pain and sleep better, but the science behind Iris is actually really simple. Blue light and Melatonin Millions of years ago when humans were living in … Read More

Welcome to Iris

Hi, Thank you very much for downloading Iris! My name is Daniel and I’m the creator of this software for eye protection. I created Iris back in 2015 when I was 19 years old to solve my own eye problems and this project grew a lot since then. Iris is now used by more than 2 million people and is … Read More

How Iris reduces Blue light?

How modern monitors work? Monitors emit all colors of the rainbow, but they don’t emit full spectrum sunlight which is bad. Everyone agrees that staying outside on a sunny day helps our health, but this is not the case when we sit in front of the computer. Monitors today are made from semiconductors called diodes which contain 3 subpixels emitting … Read More

How to Protect your Eyes?