Software for Blue light and PWM protection

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)and How can I prevent it?

Computer Vision Syndrome Definition All the disorders related to eyes fall under the category of Computer Vision Syndrome. It does not involve a single condition. In fact, it is a collection of a wide range of problems including blurred vision, eye strains, headaches, etc. What is Computer Vision Syndrome? The modern times, in which we are living, are moving towards … Read More

Blue light filter and Night mode

We sit in front of the computer for 8 or more hours during the day. And yes, a lot of people use their computers during the night too. But as you can imagine, this artificial light does come with its own set of challenges, and in time it can damage your sight. This is why you need to find an … Read More


Definition of Glaucoma Glaucoma is an eye disorder in which the intraocular pressure increases and the optic nerve is damaged resulting in loss of vision is called Glaucoma. What is Glaucoma? Talk about the most dangerous eye affecting disorders and you will find Glaucoma at the top of the list. Glaucoma is a disorder in which the optic nerve of … Read More

Protect Yourself from Glaucoma with Iris

Whether you are a businessman, a student, a housewife or someone belonging to a different field, you come across many jobs and tasks which require you to use a screen. By screen, we mean laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. This screening has given birth to many disorders such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. We don’t realize, but gradually the harmful … Read More

Protect your eyes from negative effects of Blue Light

In a recent research, it has been found that most of the people are suffering from eye pain or lack of sleep. We often blame stress and anxiety for insomnia but our technological gadget is also a reason behind it. A blue light is emitted from the screen of the gadgets that are harmful to the eyes. Looking at the … Read More

What is the best Computer App?

Millions of different programs exist for PC but what is the best computer app. This is the question many of us have, but with no clear answer yet. In this article, I will present to you, Iris. The best and most useful computer app created ever in my opinion. What do you need a computer to do? What do we … Read More

Protect Yourself from Macular Degeneration with Iris

Protection of your eyes is an important gesture towards your body. It is about how you view the world with your eyes. An affected eye with lenses or glasses can never replace the satisfaction and ease of the naked eye. These days eye related issues are getting severe with each passing day. Here, at Iris, we provide complete protection and … Read More

How to Protect eyes from computer screen?

Computer screens damage our eyes. Even you are not an expert in eye health you know that when you use your computer you feel more eye pain and eye strain. You may get dry eyes, red eyes or headaches when you use your computer screen for longer periods of time. In this article, I’m going to propose you several different … Read More

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Best alternative to f.lux

F.lux is a popular blue light filter program, but I personally hated several things about this program. When I started to have eye problems in 2015 I wanted to be able to manually control the blue light of my screen. I found f.lux while reading one article about how to feel less eye strain, but what I didn’t like about … Read More