Software for Blue light and PWM protection

Do Blue Light Filters Work?

It is that time of life when almost everyone owns some sort of a device, either it is a mobile phone, a TV or a computer. Now where there are several benefits of all these devices, there are some drawbacks to them too and we are not talking about normal drawbacks, we are talking about some serious dangers with which … Read More

Do all Yellow glasses block Blue light?

There has been a lot of hype about yellow glasses and blue light filters but the actual question asked by many people is that do these things really work? Do they really help in blocking the blue light? Well, if you are also someone who has the same questions in his mind then you are at the right place, reading … Read More

Iris mini Installer for Windows (Minor Build)

Black screen on startup on Windows 7 should be fixed

Do all Orange glasses block Blue light?

All of our electronic devices such as mobiles phones and laptops emit blue light and the blue light is that light which comes with a very short wavelength. Now it is said that the shorter the wavelength of a light is the more powerful it is and this is the main reason why blue light becomes an issue for the … Read More

What makes Iris the best Computer Screen dimmer?

Technological devices have become an important part of our business. All the data and other information related to the business and other facilities are available on the computers. You might have noticed that today we are using technological devices in all fields of life whether it is healthcare, education or business. The devices might be beneficial but at the same … Read More

Screen dimmer for Windows 10

Steep use of the smartphones has become a requirement for keeping in touch in touch with the digital world 24/7. A lot of the people face some serious problems related to the excessive screen time. This is because of the blue light or the brightness that is also the key feature of a cell phone because it keeps the screen … Read More

Screen Light Dimmer

Continuous exposure to the screen has become one of the basic requirements of doing our jobs even performing small daily tasks. The advantages technology provides are immense and supremely favorable for reducing the human effort. However, at the same time, it also generates some serious health problems which affect the organ functioning in a long term. Using a screen light … Read More

Screen Dimmer

One of the most appreciative gifts of technology is the screen dimmer for the laptop. With the help of latest technology developments, human efforts have become less due to the availability of numerous options for getting things done in no time. Laptop or a computer is one of those options which immensely facilitate the user for working online, anytime and … Read More

Screen dimmer for Windows

Using a computer on a regular basis is no longer a luxury but has become a necessity. Be it driving, watching tv, working online, or researching, screen time is mandatory for performing all of these tasks with efficiency and perfection. The benefits that the technology provides such as time-saving etc. are on one hand but the disadvantages of continuous exposure … Read More

How not using the Screen dimmer on Mac can affect your eyesight?

Continuously staring the Mac screen for a good 10 hours a day is harmful to the eyes. But the fact that most of our work and studies are done online and therefore, excessive screen time is not a choice but a dependency. Be it a research-based or sending an important email, technology, and the internet are becoming a major part … Read More