Software for Blue light and PWM protection

How would an Eye work with no Pupils?

The condition when you don’t have pupils(iris) is called aniridia which literally means “without iris”. Technically you can close your eyes a bit and you will stop the amount of light that enters the eye a bit. You can also get some artificial iris to reduce the amount of light entering the eye. The job of pupils is to reduce … Read More

Iris – Program to protect the eyes from the harmful rays of the monitors

Iris is a software that reduces eye pain caused by prolonged exposure to the computer and helps with sleep problems caused by insufficient exposure to full-spectrum Sunlight and excessive exposure to blue light in the evening. Keywords: eye protection, blue light filter, automatic brightness

Iris – Програма за предпазване на очите от вредните лъчи на мониторите

Iris е софтуер, който намалява болката в очите, причинена от продължителното стоене пред компютъра и помага при проблеми със съня, причинени от недостатъчното излагане на Слънчева светлина с пълен спектър и прекаленото излагане на синя светлина вечер. Iris е софтуер, който прави мониторите по-полезни за очите. Iris премахва предните лъчи излъчвани от мониторите, намалява синята светлина и контролира яркостта на … Read More

Computer Screen Filter Protect Eyes

If you use a computer for an extended period of time you may need to look at a computer screen filter protect eyes solution. The main reason why you want to protect your eyes when you use a computer screen for a long time is that the screen emits what is called blue light. This light can end up damaging … Read More

Blue Light Screen Protector Computer

Are you looking for a blue light screen protector computer filter? Whenever you use a laptop or a personal computer, you are exposed to blue light. This light can be harmful to your eyes. Here’s a little bit more about a blue light screen filter and how it can help you. Computers Harm Your Eyes You need a blue light … Read More

Blue Light Macular Degeneration

For individuals that use computers for extended periods during the day, it’s important to use a blue light filter. If you don’t use a blue light filter, you could have health issues. Some individuals even suffer from blue light macular degeneration issues because their eyes get strained from extended computer use. Here’s a little bit more about blue light and why … Read More

Blue Light Blocking Computer Screen

If you work on a computer for extended hours during the day, you need a blue light blocking computer screen filter. When you work on a computer for long hours you’ll end up with a lot of eye strain. The reason for this is that computers produce what is called blue light. This light ends up straining your eyes to … Read More

Computer Screen Filter For Eyes

If you work on a computer for a long period of time, you may find that your eyes start to get too tired. The reason for this is that computers emit what is called blue light. This light can make your eyes feel tired. This is why you need a computer screen filter for eyes to reduce this blue light. … Read More

Why you should have screen dimmer for pc on your  computer

  The digital world has invaded our lives by occupying most of our time. From waking up to going back to sleep, we have been hooked to the smart devices for all the good and bad reasons. From the alarm clock to the doing a quick research on Google, we have been so addicted to our smart/digital devices that it … Read More

Increase your efficiency by using screen dimmer app

In the present age, your basic job requirement is to work on the computer screen or the laptop have greater chances of getting frequent headaches and eye pains etc. This is because of the exposure to the blue light which emits rays that is harmful to the eyes. It also affects your creativity due to the fatigue and tiredness of … Read More