Software for Blue light and PWM protection

Blue light filter for Windows, macOS and Linux

Blue light interacts with our eyes and body and causes melatonin and mitochondrial problems. Without going into much details about this the goal of this article is to show you how you can lower the blue light emitted from the screen. I also want to tell you about some important things to consider before you choose a blue light filter … Read More

Blue light Medical Researches

A collection of articles and medical researches on blue light effects on our sleep and eyes:

How I Fall Asleep in Under a Minuteand How you can easily too

I also had a lot of problems with getting a good night sleep and spend countless hours trying all sorts of different things. I tried sleep masks, reducing noises, exercisingΒ more, not drinking coffee and alcohol and millions of other things. Although they this things helped me not to be awake all night I still flipping on my bed more than … Read More

What is the Function of Mitochondria Cells in our Body?

Our bodies run on energy. Each moment, even when you’re sitting, reading this, your body generates energy equal to 100W, enough to power seven light bulbs. But where does this energy come from? If you remember something from your biology classes, you’ll probably think of mitochondria, and you’re totally on the right way. Nearly all of our energy is provided … Read More

Use red blue filter apps to solve problems of blue lightand Which software apps to install!

If you are frequently experiencing less good night’s sleep these days, then it is time for you to take into consideration the impact that your red blue light devices have upon your nightly slumber. With the introduction of advanced technology and sophisticated gadgets, people just love to unwind watching their favorite movies on Netflix, reading ebooks, connect with friends and … Read More

Eliminate blue light from computer screenand Which software to use

If you are an avid user of the computer and required to work in shifts and work on accounts or data all the time, then it becomes all the more essential for you to protect your eyes. Constant usage of computers and mobile phones will only damage your eyes which will result in severe eye strain. This is because of … Read More

Screen Light ProtectorUse screen light protector to protect the retina

Researchers are of the opinion that human retinal cells can be destroyed with the blue light exposure of low intensity emerging from television and smartphones. It has been discovered by scientists that blue light, more specifically the short wavelength ones may damage the retina cells. This is regarded to be a light-sensitive tissue layer outlining the internal part of the … Read More

Blue Light from ElectronicsHow your eyes may get hurt by blue light from electronics?

It could be that your phone is hurting your eyes very badly due to constant usage. If so, then it becomes essential to find out the symptoms related to eye strain along with some tips to cut down on exposure towards blue light. This will require changing your existing lifestyle, use glasses, filters and eye protection apps. You can also … Read More

Shield Eyes From Blue Light Of Tablet And PhoneHow to chose the best screen filter for the job!

It could be that your child uses tablets and smartphones frequently to play games, to gain useful information or to chat with friends. What you are not aware of is the fact that devices may cause potentially irreversible eye damage. This is because, such devices are said to emit blue light, which is proven to be harmful to the eyes … Read More

Blue Light ReducerBlue light from phones computer associated with prostate cancer risk

These days, the number of computer and smartphone users has increased manifolds. What many are not aware of is the fact that these technological devices which are found to be extremely useful in life also may cause potential eye harm to one’s health. According to researches, blue light emerging from cell phones are likely to disrupt circadian rhythms. As a … Read More