Software for Blue light and PWM protection

Съвети и препоръки за промотиране на Iris в Quora

Какво е Quora? Quora е най-голямата Q&A платформа в момента Идеята и е проста, задаваш въпрос, някой идва и ти отговаря, съответно има някои мерки, които предотвратяват грешната информация, така че отговорите да са максимално вярни и най-важното, да няма спам Готиното е, че може да дойде и да ти отговори някой много важен човек, например Bill Gates Хората задават … Read More

Will blue light blocking glasses help with eye strain?

Probably yes and might feel better, blue light is really harmful to your sleep because it basically tells your brain that it’s time to be awake and that’s not cool when it’s 2 AM and you’ve got to get up in 4 hours for example The real reason for eye pain when in front of the computer that I’ve found … Read More

Why would someone turn off their laptop’s night mode if it helps reduce eye strain?

It may be that you are a designer (work with colors) or just don’t like dark mode and don’t use it despite the fact that it’s better for your eyes If any of the above is you and you still want to reduce eye strain and protect your eyes you can try a blue light reduction program like Iris Iris … Read More

Why would my eyes feel tired all the time?

Is it possible that you are spending a lot of time in front of a screen? It can be a monitor, a TV or any other digital thing that emits light The problem with that is that screens (monitors) emit a lot of Blue Light That can be the cause of dry eyes or why your eyes are tired all … Read More

Why do tears come out of my left eye, randomly?

Eyes can become damaged in the long run when spending a lot of hours in front of the computer. Here are a couple of things you can do: Take regular breaks from your computer, you can use some sort of timer to remind you so you don’t forget to take a break Reduce PWM flicker, your monitor turns on and … Read More

Why do my eyes randomly burn and become so watery as if I’m crying?

This used to happen to me quite often It is caused by very dry eyes I have tried ‘Artificial Tears’ which does make you feel better for a little while but can be addictive and it’s not the best solution What you can do to naturally decrease the dryness is blink and yawn more often, you’d be surprised If you … Read More

Why are there sometimes redness around my iris?

First of all, it is very important to avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands or fingers as they may have irritants that will further inflame them. This may cause your eyes to be more reddish and irritated There’s a thing called Computer Vision Syndrom (CVS) caused by looking at your computer screen for too long. If you spend a … Read More

What is the equivalent of Flux (PC software) on Android?

On Android you can try Iris: Iris Pro – Apps on Google Play Iris is a blue light blocking and PWM Flicker removal software that can help you a lot It comes with a lot of out of the box functionality that will make your life better and easier It is also available on absolutely all platforms You can read … Read More

What is the difference between the iris and the pupil in the eye?

The easiest way to explain it is this: In short, The Pupil allows light to strike the retina The Iris is responsible for controlling the diameter and size of the pupil and thus the amount of light reaching the retina Iris is also the name of the program that aims to save and protect your eyes while in front of … Read More

What is the best monitor settings for eyes?

First of all, you should make sure that your brightness matches the room lighting Try to reduce the blue light and remove PWM flicker to prevent macular degeneration The blue light is very bad for your eyes and reduces sleep quality and makes you feel more tired, the same thing goes for PWM flicker, which is essentially your screen flashing … Read More