25 Years Since the Internet

How technology changed our lives

On 1996 NAME introduced the internet and more info about the creation

Since then people made amazing things with it

Thanks to the Internet We

We can find everything we want with a click Google MORE INFO

We have constrant stream of interesting things to watch ONLINE MORE INFO

We can connect with our friends from thousands of miles away MORE INFO


We are as rich as ever and live the most high-quality lives MORE INFO

We receive news instantly and can find a community for every cause MORE

Internet statistics

Every second on the internet WE DO

Statistics for

Google searches,

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts

Emails send

and if One email was a post mail with a diameter of 10xWhatever centimeters

It we be enought to fill the Entire solar system in Area

Negative things about the internet

While Internet enabled us to do so many things it also came with some unexpected consequences

Thousands of jobs were automated and a lot of people are without a job

More and more people are anti-social

More people put glasses

Our Cause

And this is why we created our company

We believe in the bright future, we believe in the future which people are more thanks to computers and the internet

We believe that we can live a healthier, happy and fulfilled life in front of the computers

And we are trying to help people by making software for more healthy symbiosis with Electronic devices

Iris is software for eye protection, health, and productivity

It will automatically adapt your monitor the light around you and make your monitor more healthy for the eyes

Call to Action

Try it, tell us what you think and join us in our mission to make Electronic devices more healthy for humanity

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