5 affordable ways to invest in your health

Some people invest in real estate, passive income, savings and so on but what they do not realize is that the best investment they could possibly make is in their health.

It may sound expensive to you but it is actually not.

In fact, it can be very easy and pleasant if you decide to change your life for the better.

Is your health extremely important to you?

πŸ€— 5 ways to become a healthier version of yourself!

πŸ‹οΈ Why you should turn exercise into a habit?

πŸ› Pay attention to the food you eat!

😴 Why sleep is important for your health?

🧘🏽 Ways to manage stress!

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Health is probably the most important element of a person’s well-being.

If you are not healthy, you can not be completely happy, successful, or calm.

Investing in your health will spare you a lot of money and future worries and will eventually enable you to enjoy the years of your retirement for longer.

Of course, you can never predict what might happen but you can always try to decrease your risk as much as possible. Here are 5 ways you can do this:

5 ways to become a healthier version of yourself

Educate yourself

If you are starting just now with a healthy lifestyle, it is crucial to invest in your health educating first.

As with everything else, having the needed knowledge and using it in the right way is the key to success.

Learn about the nutrients your body needs the most, what type of exercise is the right for you, how to take self-care to the next level, etc.

However, you should have in mind that there is lots of misinformation on the Internet.

Therefore you should be very careful while choosing your sources – always make sure they are reliable!

Turn exercise into a habit

It is scientifically proven that exercise is good for both physical and mental health.

Regular exercise improves memory and thinking skill and it reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer.

It also strengthens the immune system, builds stronger bones and many more.

Exercise boosts the mood as well which will lead to a healthier life overall.

If the gym membership is too expensive for you, you can always find an alternative.

Platforms like YouTube are full of free workout videos, ranging from high-intensity interval training (the so-called HIIT) to yoga and pilates. No or little equipment is needed.

Another cheap way to workout you can try is running or walking.

If you do not have a park nearby, you can run or walk around your neighborhood.

To make these sessions funnier, find an enthusiastic friend to share them with.

Make it more challenging as time goes by increasing the distance or the speed.
Investing in your health is to make sure that you get the right pair of shoes.

They should fit perfectly and feel comfortable.

Buying sneakers online is most likely going to be cheaper than from the store but take this investment seriously since your well-being depends on it.

Turning exercise into a habit can also mean walking or biking to work.

This way you exercise and also de-stress.

Understandably, this is only possible if the weather is nice and you live near your workplace.

However, it is advisable to choose the movement at any convenient time.

You can also track it which will surely help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Using a smartphone app or a movement tracking device is up to you – both are cheap in the long-term!

In the beginning, aim for at least 10 000 steps a day.

The last tip is to try to incorporate exercise naturally.

Especially if you are a busy individual and have no time for workouts, you can do the following – take the stairs instead of the elevator, park a bit further away or clean your house regularly.

All these little things might seem insignificant but they add up and keep your body moving.

Pay attention to the food you eat

According to studies, a diet rich in vegetables (and fruits) lowers the risk of numerous diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.

It improves vision, digestion and blood pressure.

Besides, vegetables make you feel fuller which can result in limiting your calories unintentionally and therefore weight loss.

To invest in your health means that you have to buy produce that is good for you, eating plenty of vegetables will make you reach your daily nutritional goals since they contain complex carbs, proteins and many more healthy vitamins and minerals!

It is recommended to avoid sugary and high processed foods.

Do not fool yourself to buy β€œlow-fat” foods as a healthy option since it often happens that they contain a lot of sugar in order to preserve the original taste.

Furthermore, regular consumption of ultra-processed foods (this includes packaged snacks, industrialized confectionery, etc.) is correlated with cancer risk.

Produce can be expensive, especially if you buy whatever is in store and let it sit in the fridge for too long.

Instead, learn which products are in season and buy them since they are cheaper.

This is due to the less packaging and transportation involved until they get to you.

In addition to that, it is better to cook your own food, instead of wasting your money on takeaway.

This way you can try a lot of new recipes too! Plus, you will support your local producers.

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Get enough sleep

It is really hard to stress enough how important sleep is.

It is a vital process for the proper function of our whole body.

Therefore you have to make sure that you get enough sleep and that you get quality sleep.

Aim for at least 7-8 hours every night.

In a previous article, we have shared some tips with you on how to get the best sleep of your life.

So, if you have any issues with this one – go check it out and you will sleep like a baby.

Another way to invest in your health is to purchase Iris.

Iris has different modes with will block the blue light from your monitor and help you sleep better at night!

Manage stress

The hectic everyday life of the modern person undoubtedly includes stress.

Too much mental and emotional pressure which you can not deal with may bring you some serious health problems.

Psychical pain becomes physical. For this reason, the sooner you learn how to manage stress, the better.

It all depends on the person, so find out what works best for you – be it meditation, listening to music, walking, exercise, the possibilities are endless.

If you are unable to do it by yourself, seek professional help and never let this worry you – you are not crazy, you just want to live a healthier and happier life!


There are even more totally affordable ways to invest in your health than the 5 mentioned above.

Most importantly you have to be open to new ideas and approaches to your environment.

You should know why you want to change your lifestyle and never forget to remind it yourself.

As cheesy as it sounds, small steps lead to great changes that are surely worth the effort.

Eat well, exercise regularly, sleep enough and manage stress – with the right knowledge you will succeed and become a happier version of yourself, no doubt!

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