5 ways to get rid of blurred vision

Blurred vision and blurriness are what cause the eyes to have problems focusing on objects and for the eyesight to be unclear and far from sharp.

It can be provoked in only one or both eyes and it may concern close or far eyesight.

It is quite a common problem amongst people who complain of eye problems.

The treatment of blurred vision may be dependent on what has caused it.

And there are many possible reasons for blurred vision.

It can be because of an injury, stress, vision loss, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

However, one of the most usual reasons is the blue light from computers and smartphones.

In this article, we are going to suggest five ways to get rid of the blurred vision at home.

Note that these treatments are mainly for blurred vision caused by technology and its blue light impact on human health.

But some of them might be as well working on other kinds of blurred vision triggers.

How can blue light affect the health of my eyes?

All technologies have LCD screens that emit blue light.

And this type of light by nature is highly energized because of its place in the light spectrum.

It can easily reach to the core of our eyes.

There is the retina and if it gets damaged once, it cannot be reversed.

There is blue light in the light that the sun gives us but in little quantity.

And there is also blue light in LED lamps, which are practically everywhere around us.

This is why it is difficult to avoid. But it is not unachievable.

Apart from eye blurriness, blue light can cause a lot of other eye problems.


Like red eyes, dry eyes, macular degeneration, headaches, lack of sleep, and even vision loss.

This is why it is not good to acquaintance young children with technology because their eyes will get damaged more easily.

And in the end, they will have to put on glasses for life.

To be thankful, there are some methods that can preserve yours and your children’s eyes from blue light, blurred vision, and other eye problems.

If you do not neglect the symptoms and take action on time, you can keep your eyes healthy with these five methods.

5 Ways to get rid of blurred vision

Use Computer Glasses

Computer glasses are specially designed to keep your eyes safe from the blue light that the displays radiate.

These spectacles are made with a coating that blocks a certain amount of blue rays before they reach your eyes.

And when looked thought, the glasses make the screen look yellow or red, depending on the intensity of the glasses’ filter.

But getting them is not easy.

First, it would be good to consult with a specialist.

Secondly, you have to know for sure the length from which you are going to look at the screen so that the lenses are constructed the right way.

Anyway, once you have the computer glasses and start using them, you will feel relief after a short period.

They are a good investment for your eyes’ health.

Rest Well And Do Eye Exercises

Getting a good rest is essential not only for your energy through the day but for your eyes.

When you sleep your body uses the opportunity to heal and recharge.

Plus, this is the only time when you do not use your eyes and they can rest.

Therefore sleep is important for your eyes’ health, too.

And while awake, if you start to feel any stiffness in your eyes you can try to relieve it with eye exercises.

Not only will eye exercises keep your eyes well moistured, but they will help you to stay focused.

And moisturizing your eyes is important because if your eyes are dry, you can scratch their surface.

This would lead to more problems and will need medical treatment.

Avoid anxiety and stress

It is proven that anxiety and stress have an impact on the health of your eyes.

You can try meditation and antistress activities.

Mental health is essential for the overall wellbeing of a human.

This is why one must avoid stressful situations and keep his mind clear.

Don’t smoke

Smoking is proven to be harmful not only to your lungs but to the whole body.

It leads to diseases and even lung cancer.

And apart from your lungs, the eyes are the other organ that gets a lot of damage.

And smokers are way more prone to getting cataracts, which is a disease that totally blindfolds the pupil.

One can also suffer from macular degeneration, uveitis, dry eyes, and diabetic problems because of smoking.

Use a blue light filter for PC

Iris is a blue light filter for PC and all other kinds of devices that keep the blue light away of the screen.

Iris is an installable program that immediately is going to filter the pixels on your screen to eye-friendly colors.

The filters of Iris differ depending on the intensity the user desires.

And this program is suitable for all ages – from students to grandparents.

For everybody who uses computers!

With a blue light filter like Iris, you are going to notice the effect in a very short time.

It prevents sore eyes, red eyes, and dry eyes.

In the long run, you will be protected by macular degeneration and sleep problems.

It is especially useful for the long-time device using.

Iris is a great alternative to computer glasses and even it is a lot better than them.

You can choose between reading mode, movie mode, programming mode, biohacking mode, working mode and so on.

Last words

Blurriness can be caused by many triggers, but one of the biggest of them is what we cannot live without.

And this is computers.

We use computers every day but that is dangerous to our health.

This is why we have to take care of that and protect our eyes without saying goodbye to technology.

And with Iris, you won’t be even thinking about eye care for it takes little time to set up and has no expiry period.



Author: Yoana Borisova
Publisher: Kalina Shushlina



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