7 Tips for eye protection in front of the PC

and which one works best for you

Does this sound familiar to you?

Long work days grinding in front of the computer.

Even longer sleepless nights. Swollen eyelids, puffy eyes.

You coming home looking like a vampire.

The kids cry when they see you, the dog hides under the table.

Do you want to feel better? Sleep better? Be healthier?

Check out these 7 tips for protecting your eyes in front of the PC.

Tips for eye protection

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1. Visit a doctor

The first and most important thing you can do is to examine your eyes at least once a year.

That way every problem with your vision can be caught at an early stage before it evolves into something more serious and you will have the best chance to prevent that.

Especially if your work requires long hours in front of the computer you should tell the doctor so that he can suggest a proper treatment if necessary.

2. Blink

Monitors tend to make you forget to do that. But this is simply the easiest way to protect the eyes.

A lot of people complain about dry eyes when they spend hours in front of the PC.

That is because they don’t blink often enough and just stare at the screen.

You should avoid doing it and the best way to remember to blink is to:

3. Take a break

Even if you are at work you can give yourself a break from time to time.

Stand up, look through the window for a while so that your eyes can rest a little.

You can follow the β€œ20-20-20” rule – every 20 minutes look for 20 seconds at an object that is 20 feet away.

Your eyes will shift from short- to long-distance perception.

This will help you relax not only your eyes but also your brain and will help you work better.

While you sit you can do some exercises like moving the eyes around in circles, which is good for the eye muscles.

4. Use proper lighting

Your screen should be the most brightly glowing thing in the room.

Pay attention to the position of the monitor – if it is possible the windows should not be right in front or right behind the screen, but to the side.

When something reflects on your screen your eyes strain to see what is written on the monitor and to ignore the reflection.

All kinds of reflections on your screen – from the window, from the wall or from a lightbulb, can cause eye strain.

Considering the fact that you probably spend 8+ hours in front of the monitor daily, make sure that you minimize the glare.

If it is necessary then cover the windows so that the bright light from the outside doesn’t affect your eyes.

If the room is too dark, your brightness should not be at its highest level either, because the difference between the light around you and the one of the screen will be too big.

5. Keep your screen an arm’s length away

You will probably be shocked to find out how unnecessarily close your screen is.

One simple rule says: If you can high-five your monitor, then it is too close.

This refers to the screens of all kinds of devices – mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Especially when it comes to our smartphones, we tend to keep them close to the eyes because of the smaller screen.

Here’s a piece of advice: Keep all kinds of monitors away from your face and you will feel the absence of eye strain.

6. Block the blue light

It is known that blue light is harmful to our eyes. There are different ways to reduce it.

You can buy a blocking screen protector and use it on your computer.

The negative side here is that you have to buy an individual protector for every computer and there is no such thing for all kinds of smartphones so the problem won’t be fully solved.

You can also buy special glasses for computer, but they don’t remove the blue light, they just filter it for you and the problem still remains.

Plus glasses can feel uncomfortable and you will have to wear them almost all the time, so that is also not the best solution.

So here we come to the next opportunity:

7. Install Iris

Iris is a software for protecting the eyes from the harmful rays of the screen.

Easy to install and to use, Iris can change your life immediately.

You can get the 7-day free trial to see if it works for you. You can choose from the different versions depending on which one you like best.

The advantage here is that you can install Iris on all of your mobile devices and never again worry about the blue light that constantly affects your eyes.

More about Iris

There are different versions of Iris. Let’s take a look:

  • Iris – This version has different modes like automatic, manual and paused. There are different types – health, sleep, reading, etc. There is also a Pro version.

  • Iris mini – This is a smaller version of Iris, which does not have so many settings but still helps you decrease the blue light that your screen emits. Here there is also a Pro version.

  • Iris micro – Even smaller than Iris mini and very fast. It has only manual mode and looks like this:

In conclusion…Β 

Do not hesitate, because your eyes won’t wait for you forever to start taking care of them.

If you are stuck in front of the computer daily and there is no way to use it only once in a while, you can ease your life andΒ get Iris now.

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