8 Ways To Protect Your Eyesight

Do you feel that every day you spend in front of your computer in the office your eyesight is diminishing, so you need to protect your eyesight?

Today, the most common reason why people are putting on glasses worldwide is exactly because of the technologies.

More and more young children put on glasses because of video games and smartphones.

And with adults, the overlooking of minor signs that your eyes suffer might lead to serious diseases and vision damage.

Computers and smartphones cannot be put aside and be forgotten in the days we live in, but you could do your best to cut their impact on your health.

In this article, we are going to show you eight simple ways to protect your eyesight and keep your eyes healthy.

What is damaging your eyes?

  • Blue light

You can come across blue light when you look into every kind of display.

Except for the e-ink displays, which work with a different kind of technology.

Your computer, smartphone, tablet, and TV all emit blue light.

blue light computer screen filter eye protection iris software

Blue light is dangerous to human eyes because of its high energy levels.

Being highly energized, the blue light is able to reach deeper in the eye, damaging the retina.

This kind of approach may lead to diseases like macular degeneration, which ends up with blindness.

Moreover, the blue light not only will bring damage to your retina but will damage the tear fluid production.

This could lead to dry and red eyes. Having dry eyes hides the risk of scratching the gentle surface of the eye while you blink.

  • Strong light

Both natural and artificial strong lights could damage your eyes.

The human eyes are able to perceive almost all kinds of light from the light spectrum.

And some of these rays lead to more or less damage, depending on the quantity.

This is why wearing sunglasses when the sun is very bright or the snow is reflecting its rays it is good for you to put on a pair of sunglasses.

Artificial lighting is more difficult to cope with. Just like technologies emit blue light, LED lamps to do so, too.

This is why we recommend dimming the lights in your home sometime before going to bed.

Because when our eyes gather a great amount of light this makes the sensors of our natural body clock think that it is daytime.

Which would lead to difficulties with falling asleep?

  • Immobilization of the eye muscles

Do you know that you can immobilize your eyes?

There are a bunch of important muscles around the eye sockets and the eyeballs.

They consist of six extraocular muscles that move the eyeball. Plus the ones around your eyebrows and above the cheekbones.

The immobilization of these muscles occurs when you spend too much time looking in one spot.

Like when you are reading or staring on the screen of your computer.

  • Dryness

Having dry eyes is another case that could damage your eyes and vision.

As we noted some lines ago when you are having dry eyes, there is a possibility of scratching the surface of the eye.

These are only the most common reasons that may cause eye discomfort.

There are others like working in a dusty room without protective eyewear; wearing the wrong diopter; using the wrong medicine; etc.

Now, let’s see how you could prevent your eyes from having problems.

Eight ways to protect your eyesight

1. Eat healthy

The human body cannot produce vitamins and essential minerals by itself.

Thus we have to supply our organism with healthy food for increasing our immune system and overall wellbeing.

For protect your eyesight, you must eat food like fish, nuts, citruses, and green leafy plants and vegetables.

2. Do sports

Sports like archery, for example, exercise your eyesight. Archery gives you the option to look further than your keyboard.

But not only archery is good for your eyesight. Every kind of sport is appropriate for your health and eyes.

While doing sports we tune-up all our muscles and mental condition. There are not any blue light displays.

3. Doing eye exercises

Although, if your daily life has no time for doing sports, you could keep your eyes β€˜fit’ by doing eye exercises.

This kind of exercise helps the eyes to stay well moisturized.

When we blink or look from side to side, the eyelids spread the tear fluids all over the eye’s surface.

4. Do not smoke

It is widely known that smoking harms every single organ in your body. This includes your eyes.

In the long run, smoking could lead to cataracts. This is a disease that leads to blindness.

Smoking can also make an impact on one’s central vision, causing blind spots.

5. Get enough sleep

While we sleep our eyes rest and recharge. This is why a good amount of sleep is appreciative of your eyes’ overall health.

If you lack sleep, you will notice how your eyes get red, with stressed blood vessels.

And blinking will feel like looking through the sand.

Apart from aiding the eyes, getting enough sleep will help you to stay fresh and full of energy throughout the day.

6. Reduce device using

Since devices are one of the main reasons for having sore eyes, why not consider to put them aside for some hours?

Think of a regime of your own to lock away your phone and computer for some time during the day.

Or spend a whole day on a digital diet. Let your eyes and brain rest from the overwhelmedness of the Internet.

During the time you do not use any technology, spend it on working over yourself or go out with friends.

Go for a walk, play with your pet, read a book… Anything that makes you happy!

7. Wearing protective eyewear

Sunglasses are not invented just for fashion. They protect the eyes of the strong natural rays that could damage the eyes.

But apart from that kind of eyewear, there are computer glasses.

They protect you from most of the blue light that your computer radiates.

These glasses are specially made for working with a computer. They may or may not have a diopter, depending on your needs.

They β€˜filter’ the blue light and make the display seem a little yellow or red.

8. Iris

If you do not want to risk it with expensive glasses, there is an easier option. Iris is a blue light filter program for PCs and smartphones.

You can install this program on your device and it is going to block the blue light that it emits.

Iris is a software compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Iris has many convenient options that you can personalize.

Like choosing the strength of the filter and how much to block the blue light. Iris also provides a break reminder.

You can set it up to remind you, for example, to take a rest every hour from the screen for several minutes.

This blue light filter is convenient because it doesn’t stop you from doing your job or watching your movie.

But meanwhile, it protects your eyes.

Last words

You can protect your eyesight with these eight simple steps by making them a habit of yours.

After some time you are going to notice how much better you feel and what a burden it is to have strained eyes.

Iris is a great way to kick off your eye care routine!

It doesn’t take much time to set it up and once you do it, you are going to forget that you have it. But your eyes are going to be grateful.

Author: Yoana Borisova

Publisher: Tanya Atanasova

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