Blue Light Filter and Screen Dimmer for Eye Protection


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What is Iris?

Iris is software which makes Monitors healthy for the eyes.

With Iris, you can reduce the Blue Light emitted from your screen for better sleep, reduce the Brightness of your screen without PWM and avoid eye pain.

How does it work?

Iris optimizes screen pulsations by controlling the brightness without PWM. You will be able to use your computer for longer without headaches.

Iris will match your screen brightness to the light around you. Different presets will automatically adjust your screen. Using computers will feel like reading a book.

Iris will gradually regulate blue light day and night. This will help your body to produce more melatonin at night. You will fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.

Iris Status

In the top right corner of the screen, you can see what values Iris is using right now for eye protection and how much time you have remaining of your trial.

There you will also see if Iris is Paused or if your trial has expired.

You can also see this information when you hover the tray icon.

During the day the values will be higher and your screen will be more bright.

During the night the values will be lower and your screen will be more dark and orange.

The orange tint is normal because Iris is reducing harmful blue light.

What are the K values?

The K values mean kelvins and they are used to measure the Color temperature of the screen.

The lower the K value the warmer the screen and the less Blue light is emitted.

Blue light is the high energy visible light and long-term exposure is linked to many eye problems including macular degeneration.

Aside from this exposure to blue light causes drop in melatonin secretion and this is the reason why it’s hard for us to fall asleep when we use digital devices late at night.

Iris will automatically regulate blue light day and night so you will be protected in the long run and you will fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.

What are the % values?

The % values are used to measure screen brightness.

Iris has an innovative approach to controlling the brightness without PWM flicker which is the major cause of eye strain and headaches when we use computer monitors.

Some expensive monitors use different circuitry called DC dimming which is more healthy but they are rare and most monitors will cause you a lot of eye problems at low brightness.

Flicker-free monitors are much more expensive since the DC dimming circuit is more expensive to implement.

One more minus is the brightness reduction range of such monitors is limited and you may also need Iris to achieve lower luminance.

They are also not as energy efficient as the PWM monitors, but they preserve the colors even at minimum brightness.

Iris is software which can reduce the brightness of all monitors without PWM and without changing the backlight flicker-frequency or the current through the backlight.

It does this by using the video card to move the white point of the monitor.

This gives you really big brightness reduction range and is a cheap and effective solution for reducing the negative effects of monitors with PWM flicker.

Aside from this, it will automatically regulate the brightness based on the light around you.


With the different Modes, you can control the automation of Iris.

With Automatic mode, you will see gradual shift during the whole day while with Manual mode one value will be used the whole day.

Use Paused mode to stop all Iris color changes and return your monitor to calibrated state.


From the Types menu, you can select different presets which a lot of other people use and like.

I based the first Health mode on medical researchers and recommendations by eye doctors and this is the type I use on my computer.

You can the specialties of each type in the table below

Type Specialty
Health General Health
Sleep No Blue light
Reading E-ink Grayscale
Programming Color Inversion
Biohacker Sleep + Programming
Sunglasses Minimize Flicker
Dark Reduce Light
Movie Improve Light
Overlay Color Therapy

Your own custom preset

Click the Use Advanced Settings checkbox and design your own custom preset.

From there you can select and customize all Iris features.

If you want even more customizations you can write me to and I will add you special Hidden feature designed for you 🙂

Getting Help

Click this blue button anywhere you see it and you will get dedicated help page explaining what this feature does and how to use it.

You can also connect with more people who use the program from the Iris Facebook group or ask any question in the Q&A forum.

Invite Friends and get free Iris Pro

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