Anti Blue Light App

Are you looking for a good anti-blue light app? Β There are many ways that you can get rid of blue light issues with your computer.

Blue light can be a common problem because it needs to eye strain, eye pain, and even issues with lack of sleep.

Here are a few blue light apps you can get on the current market and a recommendation for the best app to meet your needs.


One anti-blue light app is called Twilight. The program will work with smartphones.

It works quite well to filter out blue light. The program will adapt to the display and will mount a filter on top of the entire display to give you protection for your eyes.

You can set filter intensity, the color temperature, and the dimness of your computer screen.

You can also create profiles with the program and set customizable filters for a specific time of the day.

For example, you can set a filter for bedtime reading or filter for your commute home from the office.

This is a great program to use with your smartphone, but it won’t work with a regular computer so for some people it’s quite limited and you’ll need to buy a proper program for your personal computer at home because this one won’t work.


Another program you can use is called Darker. It works to reduce your eye strain because it reduces the screen brightness and it will enable color filters for your smartphone.

There’s a plenty of features with this program and it does work quite well. You can dim that many buttons on your phone and you can set various brightness levels.

You can also set it so the phone will switch the display automatically. If you want more flexibility with your smartphone, this is a good program to get.

Like the previous program, it is limited because it won’t work with your laptop, or your personal computer at home and you’ll need another software solution for this.

Iris Software

One of the best programs on the market to reduce blue light is called Iris Software.

This is an exceptional anti blue light app. The program has a lot of features and various settings that you can work with through the program.

Unlike other programs, it’s very robust because it works on almost every operating system.

It will work on a Mac computers, Windows computers, and even mobile platforms like Android or iOS.

You will have a full and comprehensive program to reduce blue light on all of your devices.

You won’t have to worry about downloading various apps or other programs to work with all of your computers.

This software is designed to give you a comprehensive solution to issues with blue light.

The program comes with detailed instructions which show you how to use the program in the best way to meet your needs.


Iris Software is an exceptional program to reduce blue light.

It works with almost every operating system on the current market, so you don’t have to buy additional programs to meet your needs.

It has plenty of features and settings, so you can make the most out of this program to reduce issues with blue light.

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