What will the benefits of Iris be?


Have the most healthy eyes of your friends

Work more in front of your PC and feel less eye strain

Protect your eyes from monitor harmful rays

Sleep better and have more time for your X (friends, family, work)

Best software for blue light reduction

Block all blue light

Make your monitor flicker-free

Make every monitor flicker-free

Remove PWM and Subpixel flicker from your monitor

Protect yourself from blue light

Improve your mitochondria health

Prevent eye problems

Achieve more things without eyeΒ pain

Save time by sleeping better and faster

Save time by sleeping faster

The easy way to have healthy eyes

Eye protection made simple

All in one solution for digital health problems

Improve your productivity by 20%

Improve your health 5 times without doing anything

Trow your computer glasses in the trash and protect your eyes with Iris

Prevent Eye stain

Reduce eye pain

Improve Sleep

Reduce the time you need to go to sleep

Reduce the eye pain while using computers


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