Best Apps For Windows 10

Some words about Windows 10 Apps

With Windows 10, comes the new versions of apps, which now we can update and download on the PC easily. More in-demand apps we download from the Windows Store. For example Twitter, eBay, Facebook Messenger, and Weather Channel among other traditional ones.

Windows 10 Store Screenshot

These apps are not just basic navigational, social media, and entertainment apps, but also an assistant in helping the user work on their computer. It is worth more on the PC than on the smartphone. Here are a few of these popular, worthy apps for Windows 10.

Iris Tech©

This app has already got plenty of people’s attention because it addresses the issue of eye strain for those who are on their computers all the time. Iris Tech adjusts the screen automatically. It matches the brightness based on the current light around the PC using the computer’s video camera.

It has pre-settings and customized views that are made to help people read, work on programming, give proper viewing with digital movie streaming, and blue light to control light intake at night.

Eye strain is a common issue with those who use their PCs for work. Iris Tech has become a popularly downloaded app to help combat that.


Iris first screenshotiris advanced settings



The application is a Skype-like app that reaches to other Skype accounts by phone or PC, but, unlike Skype or Facebook Messenger, Viber needs a phone number and its app on that phone to work.

This app also has a Facebook and Instagram-like feature. Users can look at public chats from user celebrities and groups. On Windows 10, the Viber app allows users to reply to text messages directly after being notified.




This is an app that students should get because it is a digital scientific encyclopedia for those who are studying math, statistics, chemistry, and biology. WolframAlpha lets users calculate and compare areas, masses, and other forms of size, and includes valuable information about music, vocabulary, and health.


Wolfram Alpha iOS VersionWolfram Alpha Android Version


Fresh Paint

This is an incredible app for artists, featuring five multitouch points that create with style of realism in watercolor, oil, and pencil form. Fresh Paint comes in various modes: Fun Pack is free, Variety Pack is $1.49, and Adventure Pack, is $1.99.

Fresh Paint Screenshot

Users also can choose from different canvases and papers. You can save it and sent it to email and social networks. Making Fresh Paint a fun and useful piece of the art software.

These apps are not from the traditional sets that are found on every smartphone and PC. They are the hidden kinds that should top the others for what they give to users.

While Dropbox and Duolingo have been added to the Windows 10 app store. Other less noticeable apps have been around to make the PC use much easier, even to use other apps. We can use them for different needs and help save time and stress (and eye soreness) when using your computer.

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