Best Background Color to Reduce Eye Strain

Did you know that the wrong choice of background color for your computer screen can lead to eye strain?

Eye Strain Protection

In this world that has gotten more obsessed with technology, most of your devices have screens that can cause modern kind of eye strain.

Once left unchecked, this eye strain can cause major eye and medical issues including blurred vision, macular degenerations, and headaches.

The good thing is that nowadays there are a lot of easy and convenient ways to prevent eye strain.

Using these methods can guarantee that your eyes will stay strain-free and healthy for the rest of your life.

How Background Color of Computer Screens Cause Eye Strain

The color spectrum from computer screens is varied as well as the wavelengths of the colors.

Blue Light Filter

Some colors on the spectrum, such as blue light, tend to be harder on the human eyes since these have higher energy and shorter wavelengths.

Blue light can also flicker more frequently on the LED backlight controllers of the computer screens, and the flickering can then cause more fatigue on the eyes compared to other colors such as orange or red.

Blue light can also reach much deeper into the eyes which can cause retinal damages. Blue light is found to be detrimental to eyes.

In fact, there are some medical studies which discovered that this can lead to retinal and macular degenerations.

Common Sources of Blue Light

The sun is the biggest and main blue light source for the eyes although there are still some other sources, such as the following:

  • Screens of computers
  • Screens of smartphones
  • Screens of tablets
  • LED lights
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Flat screen LED televisions

What are the Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain?

Symptoms of eye strain are varied although the more common ones are the following:

  • Headaches
  • Physical fatigue
  • Red eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Eye pain
  • Eye twitching

Use the Best Software to Help Reduce Eye Strain

Since it is almost unavoidable not to use your computer, especially if it is part of your daily job, it is important to use something to ensure that your eyes will not suffer from any strain.

Eye Protection Software - IrisΒ Β  blue light protection software

Iris is a special software meant to protect your eyes, and improve your productivity and health.

With the help of Iris, you will be able to reduce the blue light amount that the screen emits. It also controls the brightness with no PWM flicker.

Iris comes in several types and modes. These are preset values that you can use.

Another exciting thing about Iris is that you can even customize it according to your preferences.

Iris can also work automatically and detect if it is night or day. It will then change the color of the screen and its brightness and temperature.

Upon opening the program’s control panel, you can choose various types and modes of Iris.

Download Blue Light Filter

Taking care of your eyes should always be one of your top priorities as it affects your health and life in many ways. To reduce eye strain, try Iris and experience the difference.

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