Best Blue Filter App


There are many different blue light filters that you can get for your computer.

You might be confused as to which one is the best blue filter app that you can use.

I have reviewed several of these apps for you and picked up the best one which will reduce blue light from your computer screen, so you have less eye strain and eye pain.


This app is designed for your smartphone. It has a nice round slider interface.

You’re able to control the temperature color such as red, blue, yellow, and black on your computer screen.

It’s an easy program to use and you can schedule both to stop time in the start time of the filter.

This app also has a sensor which determines the ambient light in the room.

The setting will dim the light on the screen when the device is in a dark environment.

The main drawback to this program is it’s not available for your PC or laptop so you’ll need to buy another program.

This is one of the best blue light filter app programs for your smartphone, but it won’t work with PC.

Night Screen

The main advantage of this app is that is quite easy to use. If you just want to stand and blue light filter, this is the program to use.

When you’re ready to use the application to reduce blue light just tap the app and it will reduce the brightness and blue light that comes from your smartphone screen.

Like the previous app, this one only works with your smartphone and you’ll need a different application if you have a PC or laptop that you want to reduce blue light from.


Another program you can get to reduce blue light is called Dimly.

This program is also easy to use, and it has a shake feature where you can shake the phone to restore the brightness of your phone.

This app also has a sliding feature which is easy to use. You’ll be able to adjust the screen color and it has a few more features if you pay for the pro version of the program.

If you have a laptop or a personal computer, you need to buy another program is this one is just designed to work with smartphones.

Iris Software

The top best blue filter app programΒ is called Iris Software.

This program is easy to install, and it has plenty of features and settings that you can take advantage of.

The best part about this program is that it works with multiple operating systems.

You can use the program on Windows, Mac computers, and all of your mobile devices like Android or iOS.

You won’t have to buy additional programs as this one has everything you need. You can adjust the program to just the way you need it.

This blue light filter also comes with handy documentation which shows you how to do everything step by step, so you won’t run into any problems.

This is one of the best programs we have found for filtering blue light from all of your devices with just one handy program.


If you’re looking for the best blue filter app I would go with Iris Software.

This program has plenty of features and it’s one of the better programs to filter blue light.

It works with all operating systems and devices, so you won’t have to buy additional programs to filter blue light in the best way possible.


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