Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Back in the 80’s blue light blocking glasses became extremely popular because of how they were able to clarify images.

They were initially created for NASA due to their ability to protect astronauts from damage to their eyes because of how close they got to the suns UV rays.

As well as blocking the UV rays the best blue light blocking glasses also stop damaging blue rays from entering the eye but since they were first invented other benefits have also been found.

As well as protecting sight the best blue light blocking glasses can help biologically.

They can help you to avoid sleep problems that many people in the 21st century develop from using smartphones and computers.

By avoiding blue light and getting a good night’s sleep you can increase your health as it is at night when the body repairs itself.

As many of use screens that emit artificial blue light which can mess with the natural sleep and wake cycle that people develop from acclimatizing to the sun rising and falling.

When we expose ourselves to artificial blue light the body becomes confused which can cause sleep problems.

The cheapest way to stop your body from suffering due to unavoidable blue light is to wear the best blue light blocking glasses.

They’re not only for night time use, they can be used at any time to protect your eyes from the artificial light.

There are lots of different types of blue light blocking glasses available but below you will find a list of the best for different types of exposure:

Glasses for Computer and Gaming use

Although described as gaming glasses they work the same as other blue light blocking glasses so are suitable for any time you are exposed to artificial blue light.

The Gunnar Optiks Gaming glasses have an amber lens tint to them.

When used while using the computer they have been shown to help to stop eye strain, which is a problem for people that spend a lot of time in front of a screen.

The tint to them is something you can get used to after 15 minutes and is what makes them so effective.

They’re lightweight and stylish so can be worn out shopping to avoid the strip lighting glare and damage.

Great for Work environment

The anti-blue light glasses are great for people in an office/work environment as they don’t have any type of tint so look like normal reading glasses.

They are lightweight so comfortable to wear all day but won’t stand out at work or in public.

Best Blue light blocking glasses for Everyday use

The sunglasses are great for an all-around pair that you can wear all day.

They are great for helping sleep problems due to the fact they help increase the production of the natural sleep hormone melatonin.

Despite being plastic they are extremely strong which is necessary for day to day use.

They do however have a noticeable amber tint, so if you are looking for something more subtle the sleep better blue light glasses from Amazon are affordable and no one will know that you are wearing anything other than regular reading glasses.

An alternative to blue light blocking glasses is the Iris software that automatically filters out the unwanted blue light simply by installing the software on your computer.

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