Best Blue Light Filter App

You may have heard a lot lately about the evils of blue light.

But what is everyone talking about?

Well, most of the screens that we use have a lot of extra blue light.

This can have two different effects on us, the first being that blue is the natural color of the sky in daylight and this can trick our brains into thinking that it is still time to be awake, making it harder for us to get to sleep at night when we are staring at screens.

The second effect is that there can be a lot of unfocused visual blues around the edges of images on screens, and this lessens the contrast and can cause eye strain and headaches.

What can you do to combat this?

A lot of tablets and phones come with a setting where you can turn down the extra blue light that may be causing you problems.

However, a much better way to combat the effects of blue light is to get yourself an app.

There are plenty of apps out there that promise to do the job for you, but here are a few of the best apps that you can get to prevent blue light eye strain.


One of the best blue light filter apps is Iris.

Aside from the Pro, It comes with a free version and works with both the windows and Mac OS.

It works differently to other apps as it changes your computer screen based on your surroundings.

Just navigate through the app settings once and Iris can change the colors of your screen to reflect your indoor lights in the evening, and sunlight in the morning. It is that simple!


Twilight is a great app for this problem.

This is a free app that can be upgraded to a paid app for perks.

Twilight adds a slightly red tint to your screen and this means that it canceled out a lot of the blue.

It also allows you to adjust the different color filters for your own preferences.

You can add different profiles for different things like work, bedtime etc. and this lets you set your own contrasts for whatever you are doing at the time.


Darker works mainly by lowering all the backlights of your phone to reduce eye strain.

Darker is a similar app to Twilight but you can choose which colors you want to see more of rather than red.

Some of the features are only available with the paid Pro version, but it is an app you should check out if you like to have full control over customization.

Blue Light Filter Night Mode

Blue Light Filter Night Mode is a slightly less intensive app.

It works the same as the other apps and lets you customize colors and profiles.

This app allows for a sixty-second pause if you wish to have all the lights of your phone on for a specific reason. Much simpler to use for those who don’t like extensive apps.

We use screens more and more these days and they are having an impact on our health and habits.

Taking care of our health is becoming more intricate and technology related. However, our eyes are something that we overlook far too much and something that we should pay more attention to.

We should all do our best to take care of our eyes and do what we can to protect our precious vision.

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