Best Blue Light Filter For Windows

The blue lights that are emitted through our phones, tablets, and desktop monitors can be very difficult for our eyes to work with.

One reason for this is that the blue light imitates daylight hours, making it harder for us to get to sleep because our bodies still think it is daytime.

This is one of the reasons you may have been warned about keeping screens and technology in the bedroom because it can seriously disturb our sleep cycles.

The second reason is that our eyes are not very good at dealing with the lack of contrast that blue lights put on the images and colors that we see on screen.

This leads to use over-straining our eyes and can lead to damaging our vision, eye fatigue, and even headaches.

There are plenty of apps that you can choose from to dim the lights on your screens and compensate for the problems with contrast.

Here are some of the best apps that you can get to use with a Windows operating system.


Iris is a great app that works specifically, for you.

By entering some information like where you live and what kind of lights you use in your computer room.

This app can change the contrasts and colors of your screen to keep in line with the natural light of the day and to work with the artificial lights in your home.


This is an app that is best suited to those who wish to get better sleep at night.

SunsetScreen is specifically made to reduce the glare off your screen in the evenings.

It’s a free app for Windows that is great and has much less contrast than the other apps and so you will be able to adapt very quickly to what the app is doing.

Allowing you to set what time sunset and sunrise is, you can take better control of your sleeping patterns.

PC Sun Screen

Another great app for getting to sleep faster is PC Sunscreen.

This is an app that works for Windows 7 or after and it works by increasing and decreasing the level of blue light emitted, depending on the time of day and working with what your natural cycle should be.

An automatic and simple app to use, PC Sunscreen will help you get back into a proper, relaxing sleep cycle.

Looking after our eyes and monitoring how much and how effectively we use the technology that we love so much is something that we can do, and something that we should do.

It is a simple and often free way to improve our overall health and get the most out of the devices that we use.

Find what applications work best for you, and what you can do to reduce the strain on your eyes and get rid of any headaches related to this that you can.

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