Best energy boosters

I’ve always tried to get up as early as possible as all successful people do that, right?

Wanting to conquer my alarm clock has become something like an ultimate goal.

I got all the motivation in the world but when the morning came, all of it was lost somewhere between the messy sheets.

And, honestly, none of it was there. I couldn’t even catch up with one single thought of why should I get up with the Sun.

One thing I knew for sure.

The person who set up the alarm clock the previous night was not the same mindful person who can’t open his eyes the next morning.

If you’re like me and you spend most of your day thinking why do you feel always tired for no reason and in the morning you just feel as you’ve been hit by a truck, give this article a go, it may save you a bunch of headaches.

There are some medical conditions that can explain the constant fatigue, but if not so, the chances are that you might have got a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Down below, I’ll list some of the most common symptoms that people with CFS have

Symptoms of CFS

  • sleep doesn’t help with fatigue
  • concentration issues
  • muscle or joint pain
  • headaches
  • enlarged lymph nodes

Even though you may have some of the symptoms, the chances that you have CFS are not that high actually as it’s most common for people around their 60′.

But what is probable, is that your tiredness is due to some medical conditions such as:

Other causes of fatigue

  • hypothyroidism
  • heart problems
  • anemia
  • depression
  • sleep apnea
  • diabetes

Well, these are some of the main reasons for feeling tired most of the time.  If you’ve already consulted а medical expert and he or she didn’t find that there is an underlying cause for your fatigue, just chill, the things might not be serious at all.

It’s all about the habits.

The chances are that due to your overwhelming everyday life, you’ve put your health on the back seat.

It’s time to look after yourself to bring back your previous productive self.

I’ve listed for you 9 energy boosters, that have changed my life.

Stressed out?

It’s important to focus on some ways to stress out.

I guess you’re occupied most of the time with some extra work your boss gave you.

Probably your children want your attention 24/7 and the slightest hint of free time you have is automatically filled with more work. Because hey, there is always something else to be done, right?

But what happens when your self-time literally doesn’t exist?

You feel stressed, that’s it. And unfortunately, stress and emotions take most of your energy.

In the end, you feel just like a squeezed lemon, exhausted by the nonstop demands of your life. If you’ve had enough, making some time for yourself is a must. Just half an hour will make wonders.

Trying yoga will definitely help you to feel your muscles and calm you at the same time.

Also, focusing your mind is what you need after a long day. So don’t hesitate, meditate, and feel great.

2. Get moving

The more you work, the less energy you have, right? It’s absolutely true but this doesn’t apply for working out.

Most of us do is getting back home after a long day, feel exhausted because of the work they’ve done and… sit on the couch in front of the TV hoping to fill up the energy tank.

Sadly, laying on the couch makes you more tired.

What you need are some good 30 minutes or so to get your heart pumping. If intense cardio workouts are not your thing, just half an hour walking in the park is a good start too.

Then take a hot shower and believe me, you’ll forget all about stress and fatigue.

The reason behind that? When exercising, your body releases the hormones epinephrine and norepinephrine.

These are stress hormones that in modest amounts make you feel full of energy

3. Say no to smoking

This for sure isn’t an easy one for passionate smokers but it’s worth it in the long-term.

I’m not going to explain to you all about the health benefits you’ll get when you stop smoking.

Chances are that you already know most of them. I’ll emphasize one specific benefit which is connected to energy levels.

When you smoke, the nicotine which is a stimulant goes really fast into your bloodstream.

There it can act both as stimulant and depressant. It stimulates the adrenal gland which releases adrenaline. That’s the reason why smokers feel a boost of energy.

But depending on the mood, it’s proven that nicotine can actually calm you down.

It sounds pretty good, right?

Well, not exactly, these effects are only short-term and after the first cigarette, the energy levels drop significantly.

That’s why smokers usually go for another one to return back to their “normal state”. Ever wondered why nicotine is so addictive?

4. Rest and recharge

Some people find midday naps essential for keeping their productivity throughout the whole day at high levels.

Researches have found that some shut-eye time in the middle of the day for just as little as 10 minutes can increase the productivity and make you a lot more alert for the next more than 2 hours.

A good example to illustrate how powerful the naps are is Leonardo Da Vinci.

Every four hours, he took a 20-minute nap which boosted his productivity and allowed him to work on long-term projects.

Never thought about naps? Think twice

5. Take a cold shower

Most of us associate showers with instant refreshment.

But if your habits are as those of 90% of the people, you probably take a hot shower in the morning first thing.

But there’s a little problem with that. Instead of getting you ready for the day, it prepares your body for a good night’s sleep.

This is because of the drastic change in the body temperature. When you get out of the bathroom and towel off, the body temperature lowers immediately which is soothing the nerves.

Contrast showers

What you have to do is try contrast showers. The drastic changes in the temperature increase your blood flow as well as opening up your capillaries.

The technique takes literally no time, as little as one minute and a half. So, no excuses.

First, start with cold water for a period of 30 seconds.

Then, drastically change the temperature to hot water. Hot enough that you can feel the difference. Finish up with another interval of 30 seconds with cold water.

This simple trick has helped me probably the most with my morning tiredness.

If going in the bathroom for an icy-cold shower sounds shocking for you, don’t blame it on your perceptions. In the beginning, it sounded awful for me either.

So, a good strategy is to start taking warm showers and gradually reduce the water temperature until you achieve your goal. It’s not hard at all, it’s all about getting used to it

There are a lot of positives of having contrast showers despite the increased blood circulation.

Scientists have said that this practice deals well with depression and strengthens the immune system.

What else could you want from a minute and a half?

6. Don’t sleep too much

Everyone talks about the importance of the good quality sleep but why it is so crucial?

Sleep is the best break we can give to our body. When we sleep, our body rests while it’s healing itself. Literally, there is nothing better we can do to deal with stress or any other slight discomfort.

So, sleep has an important role in maintaining good psychological and physical health. But how much of it?

In a world where time is never enough and everyone is trying to get a little bit more sleep, looking at oversleeping as a problem might sound ridiculous.

Well, not the ultimate truth. Oversleeping is a real problem which is often associated with diabetes, obesity, sleep apnea and so on.

Generally, sleeping too much is caused by not having good quality sleep due to some medical conditions such as those which I just mentioned above.

Some other reasons for the lack of good sleep are the use of some drugs, medicines and especially blue light.

Okay, we saw what could the causes for oversleeping might be and now it’s time to look at the consequences.

You may ask yourself, how something which is considered good, can be harmful?

Well, as for everything else in life, the same goes for sleep. Do everything in moderation, they say

Generally, 8 hours of sleep are thought to be okay. The rule is, the more over 8 hours you sleep, the more tired you feel. Here’s an example

If you sleep for 10 hours, your brain will interpret that as 6 hours straight.

Start by going to bed earlier, and set an alarm for after 8 hours. Within a few weeks, you’ve already regulated your inner clock and get up with an ease. It’s time to say goodbye to the blue mornings.

7. Limit the time in front of the screen

Well, we finally get to a really important point-monitors.

Let’s talk about the bright screens and how do they affect our health.

They’re everywhere and unavoidable, we all know that. But nowadays everything is concentrated around them. Computers, smartphones, and tablets have become part of our lives.

So, yeah, we can’t just delete them from our lives. Still, we can avoid them, but that’s a hard one too.

Our generation is always sick and tired, what do you think, is there some sort of a connection between that and technology?

In simple words-yes, there is. And the problem comes with the blue light.

Contrary to what you might have heard, blue is not that big of an enemy, or at least during the sunny part of the day.  Actually, blue light is part of the solar spectrum.

During the day, it makes us more alert, and so, more productive. But when the night comes, it suppresses the production of melatonin-the sleeping hormone.

This is where the issue is.

Years ago, when there weren’t any other light sources instead of the sun, things were alright. The sun goes down and there is no blue light, so your brain can release melatonin and prepare for sleep.

Now, due to the emission of blue light, our circadian rhythm is seriously confused.

Circadian rhythm

For those of you who don’t know what the circadian rhythm is, I’ll explain in a few words.

The circadian rhythm is something like an internal clock which tells your brain when should it wake up or take a rest.

It works pretty easily by releasing two main hormones-adrenaline and melatonin.

Your internal clock knows when to release or suppress those hormones with the help of light.

As I said above, we get blue light from the Sun during the day and it keeps us concentrated and alert.

But when the night comes, it suppresses the secretion of melatonin and that’s why we can’t fall asleep. Obviously, no sleep-no energy.

That’s the reason why we feel sick and tired. Just because our circadian rhythm is confused. Unfortunately, our phones, laptops and even LED light bulbs emit blue light.

There are some ways to block the blue light and one of them which I highly recommend is installing an eye protecting software.


Iris is one of the top programs to protect you from the harmful blue light rays while saving your eyesight. The software is created to fit everyone’s needs.

There are several modes and types and one of its two main features are lowering blue light and automatic brightness reduction.

Download Iris

The first type is Health which is used by most of the users.

It lowers the blue light as well as the brightness and doesn’t change much the colors.

It feels good on the eyes and increases productivity just because your eyes don’t get tired even after a long working day.

Another type is Sleep. It removes all of the blue light and even though it changes colors drastically, it helps a lot when you’re trying to fall asleep as fast as possible after using your PC.

Some other types are reading-which makes the colors of your screen black and white like an E-reader, programming, biohacker, Sunglasses, Dark and Movie.

Iris is now being used by millions of people and gets more and more popular with its daily updates.

So, don’t hesitate and give it a try to feel your energy boosted in just after a few days

Download Iris

8. Don’t forget about the water

Everyone talks about how important drinking water is-but why?

Our bodies are literally constituted on water. 55% to 75% of our bodies are made up of water.

Every single organ of our body requires water and when we don’t drink enough, the systems don’t function as they have to.

Water helps with the absorption of nutrients and also, it regulates body temperature.

What you might don’t know is that most of us are dehydrated.

How can you know if that applies to you?

Each time you feel like you’re thirsty, you’re basically dehydrated. And dehydration affects us in many ways such as headaches, fatigue, constipation, kidney malfunction, and many muscle cramps.

In addition, dehydration can lead to slowing your metabolism and storing fat.

To make sure that you don’t get dehydrated, to boost your metabolism and so, your energy, my advice is to drink 8 glasses of water a day.

9. Cut out the fast-carbs

You know that feeling around 2 PM and 4 PM when you have to work but all you want to do is go straight to bed?

You feel sleepy and unmotivated and all you do is pretend you’re productive.

Sounds familiar? I’m sure it does.

This is known as a carb-crash.

When you eat too many fast carbs such as bread, pasta, sweets and general foods with high glycemic index, your glucose tank fills up.

The glucose gets fast in the bloodstream and makes the pancreas to secrete insulin- the hormone which lowers glucose levels.

When this happens, we feel tired and crave more and more carbs which turns into a vicious circle from which you can hardly exit.

The main enemy is sugar which you should try to avoid at all costs even though you feel like you can eat all the chocolate in the world

And again, we feel sick and tired.

The chances are that you know this tendency pretty well.

But don’t get stressed over it, it’s absolutely normal. At least, it’s that normal that a whole country like Spain practice the siesta, right?

But the fact that it’s common, doesn’t mean that it’s something that we can’t deal with.

You just have to follow one simple step: avoid fast carbs or those of them with high glycemic index and you will feel energised throughout the whole day without having surprising or not that surprising  energy crashes.

10. Natural supplements

Another point I’m going to emphasize is the natural supplements which can have a great effect on our overall health, energy, and productivity.

Ever wondered whether a natural supplement or a herbal tea can lift you in the morning when you can hardly wake up or in the early afternoon?

Well, surprisingly, some of them actually can.

Some of the most popular stimulants like the caffeine and green tea,

  • Caffeine

Caffeine found in coffee, tea, cola, and chocolate is probably the most famous psychoactive drug in the world.

Many people rely on it to combat the chronic fatigue. Actually, coffee doesn’t give you real energy just because the pure black coffee contains no energy.

What it does is stimulating the adrenal gland to secrete the hormone adrenaline which gives you a quick shot of energy.

Just as quick as drinking the espresso shot. One coffee a day is what you need. If you think you can live only on caffeine, sorry, but not really.

But do you know what’s happening when you start drinking more coffee?

First of all, we need to figure out how does our brain prepares itself for sleep.

The brain neurons break down a molecule called adenosine triphosphate. Once it’s broken down, the molecule can either wake us up or make us fall asleep depending on our personal needs.

One of adenosine triphosphate’s components is adenosine which is captured by the brain receptors.

The structures of caffeine and adenosine are very similar which means that the caffeine can easily take adenosine’s place in the brain receptors.

But given that, their structure is not exactly the same but only similar, caffeine cannot activate those receptors. The only thing it can do is combat with adenosine.

And that’s how caffeine makes you feel more alert-it literally doesn’t let your brain to fall asleep.

The problem comes when you start drinking more than 3 cups a day.

Then, your brain literally starts crying for sleep. What your brain does is creating more receptors so that adenosine can go there and make you sleepy.

And so, the more caffeine you take in, the more you’ll need to fill all of the receptors.

And believe me, drinking a lot of coffee is everything but not a good thing cause it oxidates you.


Guarana is gaining more and more popularity the recent years. It is a plant originated from Brasil. It’s an eye-sized red fruit with black seeds inside and it resembles the coffee beans.

Guarana is best-well known as an ingredient in most popular energy drinks. It’s an excellent source of antioxidants and caffeine. In fact, there is 6 times more caffeine in guarana beans than in coffee beans.

Some other benefits of Guarana are that it helps your focus and concentration, as well as it promotes heart health.

Researches show that Guarana may decrease the oxidation of LDL or “bad cholesterol” and also aid blood flow.

Whether you’re interested in trying how will Guarana affect your body or you just search a good alternative for coffee, give it a try, you may be surprised!

Final words

Thank you for reading this article. If you’ve found it useful, share it with your friends on the social media, so they can learn some of the best ways to boost their energy levels naturally.


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