What are the best gifts for programmers?

Everybody has wondered at least once in their lives what is the perfect present for a close person and the choice is often difficult to make.

And if you are seeking gifts for programmers, who is a relative or a loved one, then check out the ideas we are giving you in this article!

Where to look out for gifts for programmers?

It is not so difficult to find gifts for programmers, for we are living in such technological days, that there is literally everything out there!

Moreover, programmers can easily steal computer merchandise from gamers, for whom there are many well designed and useful items.

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You could search for a gifts for programmers in every specialized gaming store or simply online on computer tech sites.

Do not go for second-hand items or buy something you do not see good feedback about.

Now, take a look at these ten super ideas for presents:

Laptop bag/backpack

A good laptop backpack should be reliable and chosen to suit the user’s needs.

They vary from ergonomic, stylish, carry-all, etc.

When looking for one, first of all, make sure the bag fits like a glove to the laptop – yours or the person you will be buying it for.

Another very considerable aspect of a good laptop backpack is that whether it is resistant to water.

If the one carrying the bag is using public transport or has a great possibility to be caught by rain, water resistance is essential for keeping the laptop safe.

Also, make sure that it is made of high-quality materials and has some warranty.

Usually, laptops and their hardware – like mouses, earphones, speakers, etc. – are heavy to carry and the laptop bag’s straps have to be strong enough to last long.

A good set of headphones

A programmer could find the best purpose of a headphone set by himself.

He or she could use them to listen to music while working or for relaxing while having a break.

The vital thing that you should consider about headphones is whether they have to be wired (connected to the laptop/pc with a cable) or wireless (connected via Bluetooth).

A plus to the good set of headphones is sound isolation, thus the programmer could get concentrated more easily and this quality is going to be highly appreciated.

In addition to this, headphones must be comfortable to wear for hours and hours while the programmer works.

A good quality set of a keyboard and a mouse

Have you seen those gamer keyboards and mouses that look like some space technology and glow in magnificent colors?

Surely they are cool and everybody would like to have one.

However, stick up to full-size keyboards that have as many keys as possible.

And if you really want to get fancy, search out for keyboards with a lot of unusual additional keys that ease the use of shortcuts.

About mouses, there is as much choice to get lost in as with keyboards.

They come in every color and shape, can be wired or not (Who likes cables anymore?), can be full-size or compact sized.

There are also mouses that come with extra buttons, apart from the left- and right-click buttons and the scroll.

There could be extra buttons for opening the home menu, opening a browser, executing different actions or just anything.

A plus is when you could program the different buttons on the mouse and design them to suit your needs.

Computer glasses

Imagine working for hours in front of that display every day.

There is no doubt that you will get sore eyes and vision problems.

Everybody who works on a computer cannot avoid blue light exposure.

Blue light is being emitted from every device that has a display and is very harmful to our eyes.

Computer glasses filter blue light with special glass lenses that could both have or not any dioptre.

These special glasses are made is every good optics store by specialists.

However, there is a cheaper alternative to buying expensive computer glasses.

Iris – the blue light filter for PC

Iris is software that once installed, will remove the blue light that goes off of the computer’s display.

It works like a blue light filter.

Iris is not at all distracting and will not interfere in the coder’s work.

Moreover, Iris is going to remind you when it is time to take a break and stretch out. (Computer glasses cannot do this, can they?)

Iris is going to be appreciated by everybody who is using their computer for too long and doesn’t want to harm their eyes, not only programmers.

The program also has many other options apart from filtering blue light.

Laptop cooling pad

Many laptops overheat because of long-time usage.

In order to extend the time, you can use your laptop and safe its battery, a cooling pad may be a good solution to the problem.

When looking out for a cooling pad you will meet with two options – cooling pads with a fan/fans or without any fans.

Our advice is to choose one with fans, because they provide better airflow and work finer, despite the noise they make.

A monitor

Obviously, monitors are important and when you buy one you have to be aware of all the possible choices out there.

First and most important, define what type of monitor you would like to buy – were it a gaming monitor, professional or one for general use.

They differ in their color accuracies and response time.

Secondly, aim for a higher resolution.

The higher it is, the clearer would be the image.

Nowadays, a 1920 x 1080 (a.k.a. Full HD) is a good enough choice that provides the best quality for the price.

Of course, there are 4K monitors, too.

All the same, all monitors radiate blue light, so if you consider a monitor as a gift for programmers, we suggest to give it along with Iris – the blue light filter for PCs.

A comfortable chair or chair accessories

Programmers sit all the time while they code, therefore a comfortable chair is a must.

A good office chair should be ergonomic, so it does not damage one’s posture.

There should be comfortable supports for one’s back and arms (armrests).

If your friend coder already has a chair that he/she doesn’t want to get rid of, you could give them chair accessories.

Such are the various additional cushions, for example.

A footrest

Footrests vary from inflatable, foam, adjustable and hammock footrests for under the desk.

Footrests improve blood circulation and relieve every kind of pain, caused by improper posture.

Most of them have a nonslip surface.

In most cases, they are easy to install and are very comfortable.

Cool merch

Cool merchandise is now available for all kinds of fandoms and not only.

There is a merch for everything!

Coders could take advantage of t-shirts, mugs, laptop stickers and posters that say something funny or so true about their job.

Last words

In short, it looks like choosing gifts for programmers is not hard at all, is it?

Our code maniacs may be quiet and look like hard people to pick up a present for, but deep inside they wish someone bought something like the examples above for them.

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