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My eyes are almost always red because of my computer Will this damage my eyes in the long term?

Yes and if you keep doing that for a couple of decades you will eventually probably get macular degeneration You will only be able to see with your peripheral vision which is almost considered blind This is not 100% but you will certainly experience some problems with your eyes if you keep doing this One thing you can try that’s … Read More

Is it safe for your vision to look at a computer screen all day at work and then more at home each day?

Absolutely no Monitors emit blue light and have PWM (Pulse-width modulation) flicker Blue light is really harmful to your eyes and prevents you from having a good sleep PWM flicker is basically your monitor turning off hundreds of times per second, you can’t see it with your eyes but your brain perceives it and it is the most common cause … Read More

Is it a good idea to put your desk facing a window?

I find putting your desk facing a window a bad idea Apart from the seemingly insignificant fact, that it can be extremely distracting, placing a desk to face the sun burns your retina and you can go blind in the long-term Having the window behind you is also a bad idea because it can reflect the light off of your … Read More

How I solve eye problem?

If you are spending a lot of time in front of the computer you can try a Blue LIght filter program, that’s going to help you to sleep better and have less eye pain. The other benefit is the PWM Flicker removal which will help you turn down greatly all the eye strain and eye redness you might have been … Read More

How does blue light change with screen brightness?

There is little to none change in the blue light amount Although when talking about brightness you should make sure that you are using your monitor without PWM Flicker That, in its essence, is your monitor turning on and off again hundreds of times per second: That is the main cause of eye pain when spending a lot of time … Read More

How does a blue light filter work?

The most effective blue light filters work by changing the pixels of your monitor and removing the blue color from them. This is done using the video card of your computer. Once you enable the filter you should notice a color change, after a few minutes your eyes will adapt and you will start feeling better and experience less and … Read More

How does “blue light” emitted from computer screens, phone screens, and tablets impact a person?

Blue light comes from everywhere around us. It’s not only the monitors, or the smartphones, or the tablets around us. Almost all artificial light sources today generate much more than the recommended amount of blue light. In 1988 the photoreceptor Melanopsin was found and for the first time it was proven that light is not only useful for our vision … Read More

How do software professionals take care of their eyes?

There are a couple of things you can when you are spending a lot of time staring at a computer screen every day: Blink Blinking more often helps moisture your eyes better, you’d be surprised by how much this little thing can do Take Small but regular breaks Apply the 20–20–20 rule: Taking a break also helps will actually also … Read More

How do I to take care of eyes when sitting in front of a screen? Are blue light filters useful?

In short: Yes, they are If you are spending a lot of time in front of the computer, one of the best things you can do is to download a blue light filter app Blue Light filters block a huge amount of Blue Light from your computer thus helping you sleep better, some can even block 100% of the blue … Read More

How do I stabilize or improve my eyesight?

If you are spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen or in a similar working environment of the main things that can occur is macular degeneration. This is a problem concerned with the retina of the eye. In this disorder, the nerves of the central part of the retina are affected, and this is called the … Read More

How to find the Iris mini icon in the Tray

After installation you should see the Iris mini icon in the Tray If you don’t see the tray icon menu click the small up arrow in the tray menu If you want the Iris mini icon to be always visible, left-click on the icon and drag it to the tray icon visible menu Or see this video

How do I improve my eyesight naturally?

You can use this to ‘hack’ your eyes and feel better when in front of the computer screen So, long story short, monitors emit Blue Light and have PWM Flicker These are both extremely bad for your eyes and can cause a lot of problems in the short and in the long-term What you can do is download a program … Read More

How to protect our kids from the harmful computer screen?

Honestly, the best thing you can do is not let them use the computer at all But that’s not really feasible in the world we live in today So here a couple of things that you can do to save their eyes: Reduce the PWM flicker, monitors turn on and off, thousands of times per second. It is so fast … Read More

How can I set a night mode on Windows 7?

Windows 7 has a built-in good looking dark mode You can download a software like Iris, it has a smart inversion mode which will let you have a dark mode on anything you want and at the same time look better than simply inverting every single color. Also, you will benefit from Iris main function, which is saving your eyes … Read More

How can I enable night mode on Windows 8.1?

While there seems to be a way to activate night mode for some apps on Windows, I find it time-consuming and the theme – boring and not full What you can do is download Iris. This software has a smart inversion mode (a couple, if I have to be accurate) that will let you have a night mode on everything, … Read More

Does lot of exposure to computer screen and laptop screen cause dry eyes or is it age-related problem?

Actually, both can cause dry eyes and while we can’t fix the aging problem (yet), we can fix the toxic exposure from a computer screen. The main 2 bad things that monitors do are: Emit Blue LightArtificial blue light is very bad for our eyes and at the same time, it’s emitted by almost everything. It prevents us from having … Read More

Does f.lux (software) really filter out blue light?

In a sense, yes While it doesn’t literally filter out the blue light from your screen, it does still remove it Why is this good for you? Blue light can be one of the causes of insomnia, so when you are using a blue light filter you are almost guaranteeing yourself a good night sleep If you had heard that … Read More

Does blue light damage your eyes?

Millions of years ago people lived in sync with nature. When we lived in caves we didn’t have light bulbs and this somehow helped our circadian clocks to stay on track with the natural day and night cycles of the sun Then people started using candles which have color temperature around 1800K which was still fine The Incandescent light bulbs … Read More

Do LED smart lights emit blue light even when the visible light is red (or any other color)?

Look at this spectrum: These LED smart light emit color by mixing Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) lights If the only visible color is Red then, no, it doesn’t emit blue light But if you select a color like yellow, for example, there will be an emit of blue light The same goes for your monitor, it constantly emits blue … Read More

Do blue light filter apps really protect our eyes?

Yes, they can protect our eyes from almost all of the harmful light There is a difference between filtering and using a software in combination with your video card to remove blue light as Iris does. This way it makes it possible to remove up to 100% of the blue light, helping you to sleep better and feel fewer headaches … Read More

As a designer, what are the benefits of using F.lux?

Designers work with color. Blue light filters remove (or at least partly) the blue light, which alters the colors So when you are creating something with flux on, you will notice that the moment you turn it on or send it to somebody else the colors will look different Of course, you can turn it off every time you start … Read More

Helpful Customer Support URLs to use to help customers

Iris for different platforms: Auto-detect OS install link: Iris download page + all OS: Iris mini download page + all OS: Iris for ChromeOS: All Iris apps for Android: Iris for iOS + install guide: Iris micro download page: Activation Code related: How to activate video: Revoke: Stop Subscription: Licenses: … Read More

Communication and Problem Solving Skills Test – Level 1 Feedback

Test: Супер е, но може би въпросите трябва да са: Do you use Iris everyday? Do you think it helps you? Are you happy with it? Is there anything we can add to make it better?What do you like and what do you hate about Iris? Have you/ Would you recommend it to a friend? В случая трябваше да … Read More

Iris Brightness💻 Make your monitor flicker-free 👀

Most modern monitors use a method called PWM to control the brightness and this is the reason why we feel eye pain, eye strain and headaches in front of your monitor 1. Set your monitor Hardware brightness to 100% using your monitor buttons 2. Use Iris to control the brightness without PWM Iris Brightness will lower the lightness of your … Read More

Reading mode👓 Protect your eyes and remove flicker 📕

When the liquid crystals of LCD monitors rotate they cause a change in the intensity of light emitted from individual pixels on the screen This thing is called Subpixel flicker and is one of the main causes of eye pain and headaches in front of the PCs Use Reading, Sleep or Biohacker type to remove subpixel flicker from your monitor … Read More

Sleep mode😴 Fall asleep faster and sleep better 🛌

Our monitors emit a lot of Blue light Sleep mode will remove all blue light emitted from your monitor Use your monitor and be protected from Blue light Try Sleep mode If the button above doesn’t work here are some instructions for manual activation: How to try Sleep mode How to try Sleep mode How to Try Sleep mode with … Read More

Biohacker mode🤺 Protect yourself from harmful rays 🏞️

Our monitors emit a lot of harmful rays, blue light, flicker, and EMFs Biohacker mode will remove all harmful rays from your monitor Use your monitor and be protected from blue light, flicker, and EMFs Try Biohacker mode If the button above doesn’t work here are some instructions for manual activation: How to try Biohacker mode How to try Biohacker … Read More

Health mode🌴🚴🧘 Make your monitor more Healthy for the Eyes 🤸🤹👀

Light is a nutrient that plays a significant role in signaling your mitochondria to do things and when to do them Health mode will reduce the blue light emitted from your screen and control the brightness without flicker It will also improve your mitochondrial function by automatically controlling the light emitted from your screen Be more healthy and improve your … Read More

Chatbot Hidden Features

Hidden features list debugmode[on/off] By default, the chatbot stops replying when it can’t answer the user 1 time. When using debugmodeon you stop that and it replies every time without the need to restart the bot

Programming Mode👨‍💻 Dark theme on Every program

You like to use a Dark theme on every program but some programs don’t support this Programming mode will invert the colors of your screen and give you a dark theme on all these apps. And it works with all programs Get Dark theme on your entire PC Try Programming mode If the button above doesn’t work here are some … Read More

Design Mode🎨 Design with accurate Colors

You want to reduce the Blue light but you work colors Pause Iris automatically when Photoshop is running or use Part screen Blue light and Flicker-free brightness reduction Protect your eyes with perfectly calibrated colors Try Color pausers If the button above doesn’t work here are some instructions for manual activation: How to Design with accurate Colors How to Design with accurate … Read More

Gaming Mode🕹️ Play Games longer

You can’t be the best in something without practicing every day Gaming mode will protect your eyes while keeping your colors beautiful Use your PC 24/7 and be healthy Try Gaming mode If the button above doesn’t work here are some instructions for manual activation: How to try Gaming mode How to try Gaming mode How to Try Gaming mode with Magic button

Movie Mode🎥 Watch Sharper Movies

Have you ever watched a movie so dark that you had trouble seeing the scene Movie mode will automatically improve the colors of all movies and make them more visible Enjoy your favorite movies from a long distance and see the action more clearly Try Movie mode If the button above doesn’t work here are some instructions for manual activation: … Read More

3 Simple Ways to Test if your Monitor is Good for your Eyes and Health

Manufactures make today’s monitors to be energy efficient but this is not always healthy Use this 3 simple tests to find out if your monitor is good and healthy for your eyes 1. The Blue light Test Blue light emitted from computer monitors causes digital eye strain, macular degeneration and sleep problems (read more) To fix this set Iris to … Read More

How to Invite Friends and use Iris for Free

In Iris, you have the option to invite a friend through a special link. When they download and install Iris using your link you both get 1 month free usage of Iris. The best thing is that the effect stacks, so if you invite 2 friends, you will get + 2 months To do this, first, make sure you have … Read More

Influencers Promo Materials

Hi and thanks for putting your trust in Iris 🙂 We always try to be different and to provide the best possible experience with our product to everyone This is also valid for our work with Influencers, Connectors, Brands, Distributors, Affiliates, Resellers, and all our partners and people who help us to reach more people. My name is Daniel and … Read More

Top 5 Benefits of Using Sauna

Saunas originate from Finland and with almost 2 million steam baths, it’s not a surprise that Finland is often called the land of saunas. Finns go to the sauna at least once per week to relax, relieve the stress, to achieve mind-body harmony or even for social interaction. Nowadays, almost every family has a sauna in their home or own … Read More

Iris FLOSS Quora

So I was trying to compile Iris on all Linux distributions for over a month and every time there was something which was not working properly. Yesterday I became so frustrated that I decided to create open source command-line software for blue light and brightness reduction only for Linux and with the least amount of code. For those who of … Read More

Cómo combatir el insomnio con Iris

La dificultad para conciliar el sueño por las noches se ha convertido en un tema que ha dado mucho de que hablar actualmente, y no es de extrañar que sean las personas jóvenes unas de las más afectadas. Estudios han demostrado que el incremento de las horas de luz altera los ritmos circadianos del organismo, los cuales funcionan como un … Read More

Cómo evitar el dolor de cabeza en la nuca

Pasar muchas horas frente a la pantalla de tu computadora, bien sea en tu hogar o en tu trabajo, acarrea diversos efectos negativos en tu cuerpo que a la larga pueden ser irreversibles. Así es, este y otros equipos electrónicos son los principales emisores de la temible luz azul que causa estragos en nuestra visión y en nuestra piel mayoritariamente. … Read More

Qué es el dolor de cabeza tensional

Quienes sufren de dolor de cabeza tensional confiesan que la sensación es similar a tener una banda muy ajustada alrededor de la cabeza, puesto que las molestias e incomodidades se manifiestan agudamente en los laterales, en la frente y en la parte posterior de la cabeza. Las causas de este padecimiento son bastante inciertas, aunque algunos estudios han sugerido -no … Read More

Lo que debes saber sobre el cuidado de los ojos

Gozar de buena salud visual es tan importante como verte y sentirte sano a manera generalizada. Por ello debes asegurarte de cuidar tus ojos constantemente, especialmente si eres un fanático de tus equipos electrónicos como tu teléfono inteligente, tu computadora o laptop. Y aunque seguramente conoces uno que otro efecto negativo vinculado a la utilización exagerada de estos dispositivos, seguramente … Read More

Cefalea en racimos: qué es y cómo evitarla

La cefalea en racimos es conocida popularmente, o con mayor frecuencia, como dolor de cabeza en brotes. Estos pueden ocurrir de forma cíclica o en brotes o racimos, tal cual como lo indica su nombre, más que todo durante la media noche. Se caracteriza por ocasionar un fuerte dolor en el ojo, o a su alrededor, especialmente en el lateral … Read More

Principales problemas para dormir

Conciliar el sueño en estos tiempos es casi una misión imposible. Las rutinas profesionales son cada vez más demandantes y si a eso le sumamos las obligaciones personales y familiares, casi desearíamos que el día durara el doble. Sin embargo, existen factores más serios que nos imposibilitan dormir profundamente y en horas tempranas ¿Te imaginas de qué se tratan? Bueno, … Read More

A qué se debe el insomnio en el embarazo

El período de gestación de la mujer suele ser uno de lo más estresantes de su vida debido a la gran cantidad de cambios que se manifiestan, y no solamente a nivel físico, sino también a nivel psicológico, mental y por supuesto, hormonal. El embarazo es como subirse a una montaña rusa: tiene altos y bajos, picos de éxtasis y … Read More

Best energy boosters

I’ve always tried to get up as early as possible as all successful people do that, right? Wanting to conquer my alarm clock has become something like an ultimate goal. I got all the motivation in the world but when the morning came, all of it was lost somewhere between the messy sheets. And, honestly, none of it was there. … Read More

Aprende a proteger tus ojos de la PC

Hoy en día resulta inevitable usar dispositivos electrónicos tanto en el ámbito profesional como personal, siendo la PC uno de los más populares. Así es, la usamos para casi todo lo que tenemos que hacer a diario: para las compras, los servicios, para movilizar dinero, enviar un correo, buscar información, y por supuesto, hasta para jugar o entretenernos un rato. … Read More

Qué es la astenopía y cómo prevenirla

La astenopía es conocida clínicamente como una condición oftalmológica derivada del esfuerzo ocular constante y continuado que produce dolor en los ojos, fatiga ocular, visión borrosa o doble y por supuesto dolores de cabeza. Suele manifestarse con mucha frecuencia al forzar la vista durante las lecturas, escrituras o al estar mucho tiempo mirando la pantalla de la laptop, la PC … Read More

Computer Night Light: Window’s Night Light Or Dark Mode?

Windows 10 has come up with a variety of features over the years since it’s been around. One notable feature is the Night Light feature. This feature is a built-in function that allows the user to reduce the blue light that’s emitted from the monitor. The reason this feature exists is that as people are using technology more and more … Read More

PHP Loops Test

  <?php $i = 0; for(;$i<=10;$i+=2);{ echo $i; } ?> What will the output be? <?php $i = 1; for(;$i<=10;$i+=2);{ echo $i; } ?> What will the output be?