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Qué es la astenopía y cómo prevenirla

La astenopía es conocida clínicamente como una condición oftalmológica derivada del esfuerzo ocular constante y continuado que produce dolor en los ojos, fatiga ocular, visión borrosa o doble y por supuesto dolores de cabeza. Suele manifestarse con mucha frecuencia al forzar la vista durante las lecturas, escrituras o al estar mucho tiempo mirando la pantalla de la laptop, la PC … Read More

Computer Night Light: Window’s Night Light Or Dark Mode?

Windows 10 has come up with a variety of features over the years since it’s been around. One notable feature is the Night Light feature. This feature is a built-in function that allows the user to reduce the blue light that’s emitted from the monitor. The reason this feature exists is that as people are using technology more and more … Read More

PHP Loops Test

  <?php $i = 0; for(;$i<=10;$i+=2);{ echo $i; } ?> What will the output be? <?php $i = 1; for(;$i<=10;$i+=2);{ echo $i; } ?> What will the output be?

Remove Local Commits

I lot of times I make this mistake to try to commit to Github some file which is 2 GB and it fails on the push And the problem comes when trying to remove this file it’s still committed So you need to delete your last commits but this will also delete all other changes What I do is to … Read More


Абсолютно всички възражения при продажби се свеждат до 3 основни: Не харесвам продукта ти Не ти вярвам Не вярвам на компанията ти И за да направим продажба човекът отсреща трябва: Да обожава продукта ни Да ни вярва напълно Да вярва напълно на компанията ни Отделно от това идва въпроса за цената, но това реално се отнася, че човека всъщност си … Read More

Sales Commissions

Комисионни за продажби на Iris Основни проценти за продажби на Iris Продажби в БГ и EU Еднократен лиценз 30% от цената на продажба Абонамент 60% от цената на продажба (30% при продажба +5% за всеки следващ месец активен абонамент за половин година) Максималният процент е 60% от първата продажба, т.е. 30% комисионна за първата продажба и после ако абонамента се … Read More

Business Tariffs

Тарифи за БГ фирми и фирми в ЕС Тарифи за фирми в България или Европейския съюз. Цените са без ДДС. Абонамент за 1 месец/1 компютър- 3 лв без ДДС (3.60 лв с ДДС) Лиценз за цял живот без ъпдейти и поддръжка/1 компютър –  25 лв без ДДС (30 лв с ДДС) Лиценз за цял живот + бъдещи ъпдейти и техническа … Read More

How to Reduce Blue Light from Computer Screen

Studies show that frequent exposure to blue light on your computer screens have harmful effects. You might want to know how to reduce blue light from the computer screen or lower your screen time. The Blue Light Effect We need blue light in order to stay active. The sun emits a lot of it that can be found in its … Read More

What is Iris?

EN Iris is software which makes Monitors healthy for the eyes. With Iris, you can reduce the Blue Light emitted from your screen for better sleep, reduce the Brightness of your screen without PWM and avoid eye pain. Iris is software which makes monitors more healthy for the eyes. It automatically adapts to the light around you reduces the blue … Read More

Qué causa el dolor de cabeza frontal

El dolor de cabeza frontal puede estar asociado a padecimientos serios como las migrañas, las cefaleas tensionales o la sinusitis, pero también ha sido vinculado con alteraciones en los ojos que comprometen la retina, la mácula o la conjuntiva. La mayoría de los padecimientos visuales generan dolores de cabeza, bien sea en la nuca, o a nivel lateral o frontal … Read More

Cómo prevenir el dolor de ojos y cabeza

Piensa en cuantas veces usas tu teléfono inteligente a diario ¿100 veces?, ¿200?, ¿más? Bueno, si a esto le sumas las horas que pasas frente al televisor, o viendo la pantalla de tu computadora, tableta o laptop, es muy probable que termines sufriendo de dolor de ojos y cabeza. Verás, no es casualidad que luego de estar largas horas pegado … Read More

Blue Light Filter for PC

In the current world where everything is automated, it is nearly next to impossible to live without computers. Almost all businesses use some kind of technology in order to be successful. Part of Everyday Life Inside an office, computers make staffs productive and efficient. Computers help save valuable time by automating the communication process, printing reports and memos, and a … Read More

URLs for Problem Solving To open Iris UI To reset orange or double orange colors when Iris has crashed or some other problem To reset Iris settings to default To check the user Iris settings if everything seems fine To activate Iris license automatically. CODE is the activation code (Example: code123) Invite Friends If you invited someone and … Read More

Facebook Ad Ideas

ad ideas this software will get/buy you more time this software will make your eyes more healthy this software will protect your eyes in front if the pc this software will make your monitor healthy for the eyes this software will improve your sleep benefits protect your eyes. be healthy. achieve more protect your eyes. sleep better. have more time … Read More

Blue Screen Filter Windows

In this digital era, people spend most of their time in front of the computers. Spending most of the time in front of the computer causes eye strain, yes you want to work hard but you need to take good care of the eyes especially if you have been experiencing eye strain. One way of addressing this issue especially if … Read More

Blue Light Wake Up App

Light contains particles that are electromagnetic and are said to travel in waves where they emit energy both in length and strength. More energy is produced when the wavelength is short where a nanometer is used to measure the length 1nm is equalled to 1 billionth meter. Different wavelengths appear in different colour where they are categorized into different groups. … Read More

Blue Light Eye Strain

Sunlight is a combination of red, yellow, orange, green, indigo, violet and blue light. When all the colours are combined they create white light we all see from computers and more. However, did you know that each of those individual lights has both different wavelengths as well as energy? It’s true.   While rays from red are longer wavelengths and … Read More


What are the features of Iris?   Reduce blue light and brightness automatically Easy presets to improve your sleep and reduce eye strain Automatic location finding without using the GPS by 1 online request Automatic blue light based on the time of the day Control how much blue light is emitted during day, night or sleep time Control blue light … Read More


What will the benefits of Iris be?   Have the most healthy eyes of your friends Work more in front of your PC and feel less eye strain Protect your eyes from monitor harmful rays Sleep better and have more time for your X (friends, family, work) Best software for blue light reduction Block all blue light Make your monitor … Read More

Product Value

Каква стойност даваме на потребителите? Стойностно предложение: Общи Iris се грижи за цялостното здраве на очите ти Iris ще подобри съня ти и ще намали болката в очите ти Iris прави мониторите по-полезни за очите Iris ще подобри съня ти и ще те предпази от синя светлина и фликър от екрана ти Вредни Лъчи Iris ще те предпази от вредните … Read More

Competitive Advantage

Какво конкуренто предимство можем да изтъкнем за User-ите с flicker-free екран + windows 10 с вградена опция за намаляне на сините лъчи?   Iris не използва PWM. PWM е фликъра реално. Iris ти прави момитора flicker free Вградената опция в много случаи не и работи автоматизацията ден и нощ и също не можеш да намаляваш синята свелина през деня Освен … Read More


Какви оферти да отправяме към различните видове ни клиенти и партньори, етц. За потребители Изтегли гайд който решава Х проблем безплатно (lead magnet, ad) Научи как да решиш Х безплатно (lead magnet, ad) Покани приятел и двамата получавате +1 месец Iris безплатно (refferal, viral, word of mouth) Купи сега Iris с 10% отстъпка (ремаркетинг) За мейл листа, нотификации, месинджър Пробвай … Read More

Company Titles

Some company titles CEO – Chief Executive Officer COO – Chief Operational Officer CCO – Chief Content Officer chief academic officer CAO Responsible for academic administration at universities and other higher education institutions. chief accounting officer CAO Responsible for overseeing all accounting and bookkeeping functions, ensuring that ledger accounts, financial statements, and cost control systems are operating effectively. chief administrative … Read More

Lead magnets

Lead Magnet — noun — an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information. Lead magnets examples for Iris FREE GUIDE 5 ways to reduce eye pain in front your computer 5 ways to sleep better when you use your PC late at night 5 ways to increase your productivity … Read More

Greatest Headlines

From 1 page marketing book: How To Raise Your Child’s IQ Before It Is Even Born. How Much Are You Losing To Deadbeats Right Now? SELL YOUR PRODUCT ON NATIONAL TELEVISION FOR A PERCENTAGE OF PROFIT He Became Twice The Man At Half The Weight The Secret Of Being Wealthy PHONE WIZARD The Child Who Won The Hearts Of All … Read More


What does the person who would use Iris want? Who is our hero? What do they want? Healthy eyes Better Sleep Increased productivity Less eye strain Less eye pain More time (by sleeping better) Blue light reduction Protection from blue light Remove the glasses Flicker-free monitor Improved health Protection from harmful rays To have the best (software, eye protection in this … Read More


Какъв проблем решава Iris? Болка в очите, когато седиш пред компютъра Мониторите са вредни за очите, Iris ги прави по-полезни Трудно заспиване вечер след ползване на компютър Липса на продуктивност заради умора в очите Премахва нуждата от очила пред компютъра Вредните лъчения от мониторите Излъчването на синя светлина от мониторите ШИМ и фликър от LED екрани Subpixel фликър при LCD … Read More

Blue Light Eye Damage

Blue light is one of the types of light on the light spectrum. It is the light that comes from the sun, as well as electronic devices. There are two types of blue light, the good kind, and the bad kind. The blue light that comes from the sun is the good kind of blue light. It is needed for … Read More

Blue Filters: Do They Work?

As we become exposed to more technology use, so too does our exposure to blue light. It’s been a growing concern for many people as blue light has a number of health benefits, but an over-exposure can lead to lack of sleep and a slew of health problems. It’s, for this reason, a lot of people have been turning to … Read More

Blue Light Dimmer App

  Exposure to blue light is something that is becoming more and more common in everyday households. Blue light is the light in all of your electronic devices with screens such as TVs, tablets, phones, and laptops. As people are becoming more fluent with technology and using it more often in their homes and at work, studies are beginning to … Read More


Some smart things I think about business and life About marketing “Being Everything to everyone means being nothing to no one”

Neil Patel SEO outreach Template

Hey Brian, I have to say I am a huge fan of your work So much so, that I even linked to you in my newest blog post. Feel free to check it out here. [INSERT LINK] Cheers, Neil P.S. If you enjoyed this blog post feel free to share it.

Blue Light Cut

Regardless of your age, you need to develop healthy habits to protect your eyes. If you frequently spend time watching videos on your computer screen or your mobile phones, your eyes might be exposed to a lot of blue light. About Blue Light Blue light is a part of the visible spectrum that has a harmful effect on your eyes. … Read More

Vision 0.1.0 for Windows

Fixed internet lag when Vision running

How to invite guests to the Podcast

In this article, I want to collect some templates I use to invite guest to the podcast. Here they go Template 1 This template is for people who have something to sell or some product on their own. Notice how we talk about the other person benefit, not ours. Hi NAME, Love PROJECT_NAME and want to invite you to The … Read More


The goal of Iris is to use light emitted from our electronic devices as a tool to improve human health. Our future is connected to electronic devices. And the goal of Iris is to improve humanity future health by using and changing the light emitted from our screen. The goal of Iris is to spread the idea that light is … Read More

Iris Mentorship – Съобщение 1

Търся да наема стажанти за 1-годишен многодисциплинарен платен стаж, обучение и възможност за постоянна работа след това. Обучението включва: – Методи и начини за популяризиране на дигитални продукти и marketing умения – Как да говорим, пишем и влияем на другите и sales умения – Изграждане на правилно отношение към потребителите и клиентите и customer support умения – Данъци, договори, партньорства, … Read More

Iris Mentorship – Съобщение 2

Вчера направих едно предложение към всички хора, които искат да бъдат нещо повече.   Честно казано очаквах да ми пишат 5 човека най-много, но това, което се случи силно ме изуми.   Над 50 човека ми писаха за 1-годишния многодисциплинарен платен стаж към Iris, но реално четейки всички съобщение осъзнах, че не е толкова до Iris и до стажа колкото … Read More

Iris Mentorship – Съобщение 3

Здравейте на всички 170+ човека, На първо място благодаря супер много за огромния интерес, ще се опитам да направя нещо наистина специално за абсолютно всички 🙂 Този чат е само за съобщения от моя страна затова моля не пишете, защото сме много много хора и ще стане спам. Ако някой има някакви въпроси нека ми пише на лично и ще … Read More

Blue Filter For PC

Sleep is a necessary aspect of our mental and physical health. Any lack of sleep, as research has suggested, can lead to a variety of problems like diabetes, heart disease, an impairment in attention, concentration, and more. In fact, dropping sleep from seven to only five hours or less per night doubles our risk of death from all causes. But … Read More

Iris MentorshipДетайли на български

Благодаря за големия интерес 🙂 Прочетох всички съобщения и ще се опитам да отговоря на често срещаните въпроси и да дам детайлен план. Пратете ми мейл, телефон, skype на Facebook като съобщение Ще се чуем с всеки индивидуално Програмата е подходяща за всички. Независимо дали се интересувате да работите в Iris или не. Разбира се, хората които биха искали да … Read More

Лесен Трик за ревютаПри решаване на проблеми

Ревютата са важни за Iris, защото по-този начин доказваме, че сме продукт който хората харесват и обичат. Когато човекът е имал проблем обаче е много трудно да получим ревю. Дори и да получим ще е негативно. Потребителя се чувства зле и не е в състояние да мисли позитивно за програма ни. В Iris правим различни неща, за да направим такива … Read More

Еднократно или Абонамент

Разговор в който обяснявах на Михаил защо за Iris са по-важни абонаментите отколкото еднократните плащания. Да, еднократните плащания носят по-голяма стойност, но в дългосрочен план абонаментите правят компанията по-стабилна. Снимка на Разговора: Продължение:

How to Reduce Eye strain when using Computers

I guess you’ll find it hard to imagine your everyday life without your smartphone or laptop. To relax, for work, to check something out, they all go for several hours a day. The result-your eyes are red and itchy. More bonus points for the blurred vision and fatigue. The use of eye drops is also on the list. Well, the best … Read More

How to choose a Blue light filterEverything you need to know about Blue light and Eye Health

You may think that all blue light filters are the same but they are not. In this article, I’m going to give you everything you need to know to choose the best blue light filter. Based on my 5 years of experience dealing with blue light, eye problems, and sleep, there are certain things which are super important and nobody … Read More

The Pros and Cons of Natural and Artificial Light

For the last few decades, there has been a lot of buzz around the effects, both positive and negative of the natural and artificial light on us. Be how the light influences our mood, energy or some biological and physiological processes. In this article, you’ll find out why and in which ways, sunlight can either help us or damage our … Read More

6 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

Many of us don’t realise the importance of getting enough sleep. Your body craves shut-eye time and if you don’t give enough of it, it just can’t recover to get ready for the new day. If you’re one of those people having difficulties falling asleep, you’re not alone. The brain passes through several stages from being conscious to full unconsciousness. … Read More

4 Ways to Improve your Mitochondria Function

In the previous article, I’ve explained what is the structure and function of mitochondria and also what happens when they’re damaged. In this one, I’ll talk about some tips and tricks you can use increase their function. Mitochondria-the powerhouses of our cells produce nearly all of the energy we need. We need energy for basic daily activities from eating, thinking, going outside to … Read More

Blue light filter for Windows, macOS and Linux

Blue light interacts with our eyes and body and causes melatonin and mitochondrial problems. Without going into much details about this the goal of this article is to show you how you can lower the blue light emitted from the screen. I also want to tell you about some important things to consider before you choose a blue light filter … Read More

Blue light Medical Researches

A collection of articles and medical researches on blue light effects on our sleep and eyes: